I Remember

"Now," Said the Devil, "We are going to play a game."

Somehow, I knew that this wouldn't be a fun game. Not unless the Devil had gone soft. Not likely.

"It's called I Remember," Continued the Devil. "I'll Start. I Remember that once, I burnt someone in Hell for making fun of my horns." He paused, affectionately rubbing said horns.

"Now it's your turn." He said, looking at me. I say nothing.

"Nothing?" The Devil jibes. "Not a single insy-winsy memory you want to share with the Devil?"

I shake my head, knowing what he wants. "No. Do you have another name though? It's kinda weird referring to you as the Devil all the time."

The Devil looks sulkily over at me. "Satan, Lucifer, The Illuminator, Bernard.. you name it."

I wasn't expecting such a list. "Alright, Bernard," I say, inwardly giggling.

Bernard flares up. "Don't mock me. I could burn you for that…But I won't. I've got something especially good cooked up for you."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Bernard but since I am in Hell, shouldn't you be happy? I mean, I wasn't good enough to get into Heaven.."

Bernard looks me over. "Well, yes. But you're one of those people who just missed out on…" He pauses, points upwards, shudders and continues, "So you're no really worth that much to me. Now, yesterday, this stockbroker? This great guy, cheated everyone around him, killed a prostitute.. he even tried to disown his own child. Died of a heart attack and now.. best buds."

The Devil has just noticed my lack in concentration.

"Tsk tsk," He clicks,"I know what you're trying to do. You don't want to play the game, do you?"

"How do you play again?" I ask, stalling again.

"You want rules? But rules are so boring!" Bernard claims, flipping his hand how a teenager might. "Anyway, Claire, you didn't live by the rules did you?"

Despite the heat, my insides go cold.

"No you didn't, Claire. That's the only thing I liked about you." Bernard continues and that cold, achey feeling inside me continually gets worse. "You lived your whole life breaking the rules but now you don't want to? Tsk tsk."

Bernard laughs at me, a vibrating sound that gives me goosebumps. He's enjoying this, I can tell.

"But-" He pauses and his tone changes, to something slighly more menacing,"-but, if you don't want to play.. There are other things we could do."

What do I say? Yes Bernard, let's go visit the playground. Or isn't there one in this fiery chasm?

Bernard giggles. "We could go visit your Mom?"

I feel frozen. "You can do that?"

"Oh, sure! All I have to do is snap my fingers! Want to go see dear old mumsy? I heard she's been having some problems, health wise. Oh well! Life's a bitch, what more could you expect down here?! "

I shake my head, fast. "No."

Bernard smiles evilly. "NO?? What do you mean?! You don't want to go see your own mother? My oh my, what has the world come to?!"

I shake my head again.

"Fine! But really, Claire, I've had quite enough from you.. You don't want to play my game, you don't want to visit your mother. What else can I do?"

He pauses again and I can hear his mind turn, searching for another way to break me. "Oh! I know! What about we visit-"

I cut him off. "How about we play that um g-game?"

Bernard's eyes light up. "I Remember? So you do want to play? Good girl! Well, it's your turn."

And he sits down and crosses his legs, listening obediently.

I breathe in shakily. "I Remember…"


Author's Note: hey.. please review! tell me what you thought! this idea just kinda popped up so I'm not really sure on where this will go. i'd love to hear what you think could happen! xox