What I Wish

Every time I look at you,

I feel what I felt all over again

I'm stuck to you

Like gum to the lips of a young schoolgirl

Your smile

Makes me wonder what its like to kiss you

Your eyes

Make me want to see

You don't know how much I miss what could be

I'd beg to breathe you,

I'd go blind just to see you,

I'd cut my arm just to bleed you,

Because without your oxygen my lungs collapse,

In your hands, catch me now like fallen snow.

I wonder what you are thinking

About me, I am sure you are not

I think about your touch all the time

However, it turns me upside down like an hourglass

Like sand on the inside

I know you are living life like a memory of me

Sitting in the coffee shop showing,

What it meant to show love to the not so lovable,

Or so you thought until you heard me say it.

I'd live just to love you,

I'd give just to receive you,

I'd die to grieve you,

Because with out your precious grip on my heart

I would slip and fall

So catch me with your hands like fallen snow.