I want to say thank you very much for reading my first fiction; Anastasios. I have been imagining this story for a couple of months and it took three days to write it. I really hope everyone enjoys it and please please review. Thank you again.

Rating: PG

Warning: language

Disclaimer: The story and all the characters in it are mine. If anyone feels that I have taken concepts from someone else, please notify me and I will apologize.


Nineteen years earlier

But, Lord Rhodes, I do not understand why you are being so cruel to my people. We came by your king's invitation.

My invitation! I would never invite such scum as you. Your culture of weak men sickens me. How you could ever allow a woman to fight alongside you is repulsive.

King Sirius stared at the man in front of him. He didn't understand what was going on. A couple of months ago King Faustus had invited the people of Kalia to this years Ria to try to make an alliance between the two kingdoms. But, now the man in front of him, Rhodes, is contradicting the wishes of the invitation.

If my king were here, he would expel you as well. Get out, you dog, before I have you thrown out.

The King of Kalia gathered his people and left Pasakris, vowing never to return.

King Faustus of Pasakris arrived just in time to miss this years Ria. He went to his advisor, Rhodes to inform him of all that he missed. After many minutes of briefing, it was concluded that the Kalian people did arrive for the Ria, but left early, complaining that the occasion was nonsense and a waist of time.

Faustus was disappointed by the news. But, he was angered that the Kalian King was not very cooperative. He vowed never Kalia to invite to a Ria ever again.

Neither of the men knew at that time, that both their vows would be broken by the children they would bare.