Hello everyone. Well its finish and I am sincerely sorry it took so long. You maybe saying three months for two chapters, well yes. Cause I really thought I could get my computer working again. And when I finally realized that it would never work again, I had to buy a new computer and set it up and blah blah blah. Yes these are excuses, but what can I say. I really hope I didn't loose my readers because of it. So, to make a peace offering, I had decided to load the last two chapters so there would be no more waiting. So, please enjoy and thank you so much for being patient and for reviewing. Maku'e

Special Thank Yous….

Christine Bahrens- My number one reviewer. Thank you so much for you support.

Hellomoto- Look I updated! And yes I was very sorry about my comp. Poor dear old friend.

Selista- I am glad you like how I have made my characters real. They came from my imagination and I have been playing with the idea of them for a very long time.

Peaches- I love your stories. And I only hope I will become as good as you are at writing.

Regna- I am sure you all thought about this question as well. Anastasios means a great change. There was change in everyone's life in this story and I only thought it appropriate to name it this.

Sweeping Stardust- I am glad you think its funny. And I do have a problem with stating who is talking. I just write as if I were talking, not writing, which is confusing.

Mischievous Soul- Thank you about the metaphor comment. And I am sure you've guessed it . The story was suppose to be longer and slower, but I started getting writers block and then I didn't feel like I would be able to get all my points across, so I ended at a safe place. Maybe I should become a co-author with someone.

Wild Child with a Twist- One of your questions was answered in the story; LenSelene. And yes as I read back, the story did go by fast. Sorry.