Good-Bye World

Here I lie
In the deepest hour
Of the darkest night
While the snow falls around
Like stars from an endless open wound
With white blood trickling
Angels falling from the eternal heavens
Dotting the ebony world
Replicating a perfect night sky.
Shivering and weeping
Are things that I hate
As I stand here
Where you told me to wait.
Take me away from this cruel world
Take me to the warm hearth
Crackling in its prime
Show me what it's like to feel
Show me what it's like to love.
Gather me up and away
And bring my memories too
Shield me with your wings
From the last wrath of Death
But allow me one last moment
To say good-bye to the one I love
Because I know I shall never see
That familar face grinning up at me