Suicide III;

Life was fine, no lies or flaws
And buried in your bliss.
There was no care with someone there.
But one day they said this:

"You did just what was done before.
It's happened to me, too,
You yanked back what you gave to me.
I'll give the rest to you."

The dark shade covers up your eyes.
You hands and lips both shake.
You feel as though you need to leave,
Whatever it will take.

"Miss, may I leave right now please,
I just remembered now.
That there is something I should do.
I just need to see how.

"It's very urgent, Miss, so please
I don't feel very well.
If you don't let me go, I say,
I fear I'll kill myself."

She waved goodbye and let me leave
The naïve teacher new.
She didn't know that what she said
Was just so very true.

I thought of what was said before
And looked up at the sky.
I sent my message by the wind.
"I cannot make you lie."

So goodbye, friend, it's very clear.
It's plan as glass to see.
That if I'm gone, apparently
It's you that won't miss me.