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WARNING: This deals with some serious issues. Please do not read if you are prone to harming yourself in any way. Love my characters. Hate my characters. But, I beg you: don't try this at home.

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Light, soothing waves crashed upon an icy shore; as a faint, glimmer of sunlight could be seen through the passing clouds. It was mid-winter, and the snow lightly fell to the ground; wrapping the world into it's frigid embrace.

The landscape was desolate- most residents of this area perched in their houses; huddled along a warm, pristine fire. Some by themselves, and some with their lovers. Residents wishing to escape the storm; and remain indoors.

All that could be seen upon this stitch of land, was a lone, young woman looking no older than 20- but, indeed, being from a realm not like the one in which mortals live; being much older than what she appeared.

Locks of long crimson swayed in winter's bitter wind; as a lighthearted sigh was heard from below.

It was in the minus zero's; but, the cold did not seem to affect this woman anymore. She was too broken up to notice the slight icicles forming in her sea of red; she merely brushing them off with a leather-gloved hand; the little crystals falling back onto the ground, in which their fate had planned out for them.

This woman walked alone, now. The only one she loved being taken from her. Taken in just a few hours. The few hours that would change her heart from warm, to a bitter icy cage.

The young spirit shivered; bringing her long, black trench coat closer; fixing the buttons that had slipped from their 'sockets;' concealing the long, ruby red, silken dress that flowed past her waist, and hugged every curve of her slender form.

'Bloody snow,' she grumbled in her thoughts; glaring at the snowflakes that fell upon her; shaking them off with a slight grunt.

She did not care about the cold; but, the snow seemed to be getting in her way; listlessly watching, as the arctic crystals landed onto the once-green landscape; cursing this very season.

The figure leaned down, diverting her eyes to a lone, snow-covered stone; lightly caressing it with her pearl-white nails; underneath the black gloves.

"Hey, kid," she spoke; her still-British accent apparent in her vocals.

She had come to America from The United Kingdom when she was twelve; but her voice still held the accent from her home country.

Her voice was soft, and low- a tone that not many had heard from the girl in black.

Using her gloves, she cleared the snow off of the cement block- it revealing a gray plot stone; it reading the words:

'Raleigh Brianna Patterson. April 16th, 1975- December 17th 2005'

The lady knelt down; letting the cold, winter breeze take her over. She didn't care. After all, she was no longer a person. Just a void of which was once a whole spirit: now a soulless ghost.

'She would have been 30 this year,' the lady thought with another sigh; letting her mind drift back to a time when her life held meaning. A time when she was truly happy. A time when the only treasure she held dear was still present.


The little girl looked up with haunting eyes. The same shade of blue in which her mother had carried.

She twirled a spinning top on the floor; watching it emerge a rainbow of color upon the sunlit walls; splashing onto the crystal coffee table, eventually making it's rotation around the room, before fading with it's now fallen master.

The woman turned from gathering the gift boxes, "Raleigh, what's the matter?" she asked with concerned eyes.

Raleigh sighed, now setting a Barbie doll aside; frowning, "I guess Santa didn't get what was all on my list this year. I mean, I love my presents; but,

"But-But-" she pleaded, highlights of blonde apparent in her red pigtails.

"Now, darling; don't you wanna wait, and make it an even better surprise?" The lady asked, leaning down to meet the eyes of her only daughter.

"I guess," Raleigh answered with a voice laced with child-like innocence, "I mean, I do like my presents; but, I guess my entire list didn't get to the North Pole in time," she spoke with sadness.

The woman nodded, sympathetically eyeing her daughter, "Well, Santa is a busy man, you know? But, there's always your birthday."

"Yeah," Raleigh stated, looking down at the floor.

The woman shook her head; getting up from her sitting position; walking over, and sitting down with her child.

"Aww, come here," she gestured, opening her arms.

The little girl went into them; being scooped up, and leaning into her mother's shoulder; breathing in her sweet perfume.

"I'll cut a deal- I'll take you to the ice rink tomorrow, and you can test out your new skates; if you promise not to tell Santa about my extra surprise," she smirked.

Raleigh beamed, "A surprise! Oh, Mommy, let me see! Let me see!" she spoke, bouncing a bit in her mom's lap.

The lady giggled, "Not yet, sweetheart. Be patient," she cooed.

"Mommy, why won't you just tell me?" the little girl before her stated with a pout; gazing at their multi-lighted Christmas tree.

A light-hearted laugh was her response, "Because, Raleigh- it's a surprise. And, it's more enjoyable when you must wait a little bit."

"Aww," Raleigh pouted; gazing down at the brown, fuzzy carpet.

The woman grinned, winking slightly, as she stood up- walking out of the room for a moment; coming back with something in a bag alongside of her.

Raleigh perked up, running over.

"Now, before I give this out- I want you to take great care of it. You're getting to be a big girl now; and, I want your word that you'll be careful with it," The lady began, looking down at her curious child.

"Yes, yes, I promise!" Raleigh squeaked, "I do promise, Mommy!" she beamed.

The young mother laughed, "All right, darling. Here it is," she concluded, lifting the cover to reveal-

"A bike!" Raleigh exclaimed, running over and throwing her arms around her mother's legs, "Oh, thank-you, Mommy! Thank-you! This is what I've wanted the most!"

The woman returned it; leaning down to fully hug her back; smiling.

"Just don't tell Santa," she winked, speaking in a soft whisper.

"I won't. Oh, Mom, this is great! Can I- Can I ride it?" Raleigh questioned; eyeing the purple, pom-pom laced bicycle; taking in it's features, and two, lone training wheels on each side.

"Of course. But, be careful in the house," The lady answered.

"I will," Raleigh promised, stepping up onto it; though, gaining some help from her Mother; as it was her first time stepping onto a bike.

The woman watched her daughter with a smile; taking in each step, each ride; and each moment of this day.

These were the moments that the lonely spirit had found precious. Those that she never wished to let go of; and those she prayed could never end.

-Present Day-

The woman watched the grave. Those days were over now. Her happiness torn apart; and the one she loved taken so suddenly. She turned away with closed eyes; feeling them mist up, as a light liquid sensation found her.

"No," she spoke out loud; shaking them off with a toss of her hair, "I will not cry. I won't."

She had shed too many tears in the past. She was too broken to cry anymore.

She fixed her dress, as she let her mind wander some more; thinking back to more times from the past.


"Ladies and gentlemen, the class of nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-eight!"

The woman watched, as her daughter threw her cap into the sky, with the rest of the group.

It was a hot, summer day; but, the woman seemed to barely notice the heat wave, as her eyes glittered with pride. Her only treasure was all grown up, and graduated. And, she, as a mom, couldn't be happier.

Soon, she would be going to college for law; and eventually landing a job in a law firm.

Her child was growing up; and to the proud mother- it seemed like only yesterday that Raleigh's eyes had lit up that past Christmas: when she had only been five.

Raleigh had ditched the gown not soon after the events were over; walking with her parent over to the car, and stopping before she stepped inside.

She was planning to go out with her friends for celebration. But, first- she wished to speak with the only mother that she had called her own, before being whisked away to the festivities.

The woman stood with a smile, "Raleigh, I'm so proud of you," she spoke, hugging her daughter to her chest.

Raleigh returned it gladly, "Aw, Mom. My friends are here," she stated, joking around.

"I know; but, my little girl is all grown up," the lady stated, drying a tear of joy from her eye.

"Yeah. But, you know; I couldn't have done this without you," Raleigh smiled; meeting the misty, blue-eyes of her parental unit.

"Oh, shush. You know that you did this all on your own. I only pushed when needed," the woman spoke with a playful wink.

"Yeah. Maybe so. But, still: thanks," Raleigh smiled, planting a kiss onto her mother's cheek.

"No need to thank me. I knew you'd get here since day one. I'm proud of you, darling" the lady replied; thankful for this day; and beaming for the one in which she called her daughter.

The young woman exchanged one last embrace, as Raleigh descended into her car.

She watched as her daughter started the motor; and took off into the late afternoon horizon; leaving just a trail of smoke in her wake.

-Present Day-

The red-haired woman cracked a slight smile; thinking back to that very day.

She remembered her pride, her joy, and the love bursting from her heart, as she watched her daughter go from a little girl, to a woman; in just a few hours.

She reflected back to the days when all was well. When, even though her former husband had taken off- she still had something beautiful to show for it. Her very existence, Raleigh.

But, those days were gone now. Taken by a single phone call, and the taking of a life.

The woman shifted; shaking some more snow from her hair; and letting one final flashback enter her mind. The day that she would remember for as long as she walked the afterlife.


Machines beeped, as the sound of all sorts of voices were heard throughout the hospital lobby; as the blue-eyed woman sat; her form shaking, as she attempted to read the latest issue of 'Vogue;' failing miserably, as she hoped and prayed what she had been told was not true.

Her only child had attempted suicide, and was now in critical condition.

Blue eyes were laced with fatigue; as she counted the hours on the clock; though, seeming like a slow-welded eternity in her eyes.

How long had it been? Two? Three hours?

She flipped the page; though her nerves stopping her from actually reading; she just decided to hide her worried face from the world. Cover up her panic; and just try to convince herself that this was a bad dream; and that Raleigh would be found downstairs in her home on visit: healthy, and well.

The lady had not suspected her child's sudden pit-fall to depression. Raleigh had hidden it well. She had shocked even her mother; who in turn: could sense what her daughter had been feeling; even if she had not mentioned it through word.

It was 'Mother's Intuition,' as they called it; and the young spirit had known, and experienced it well.

With a sigh of aggravation; she set the magazine down- crossing her legs, as the black material of her dress pants brushed up against each other; tapping her high-heeled foot on the floor; her eyes pierced on the double doors to the ICU.

A creek from the doorway brought her back to Earth; a man in white stepping out, with a blank expression.

The lady sat up; meeting his eyes with concern.

"Ms. Patterson?" he called; the redheaded spirit walking up in a fast pace.

"Yes, this is she," she answered; hoping and praying for the best.

For her child to come through with flying colors; just like she had in every obstacle in her days.

"I have some news to tell you," the doctor continued; playing with the stethoscope around his neck with curiosity as to how to break this to her.

The spirit looked on, "What is it? How's Raleigh?" she asked, nearly biting her nails in panic.

"Raleigh came here in pretty bad shape. And, we performed some major operations to try and revive her-" he went on.

"What are you saying?" the spirit questioned; going into temporary denial.

"She- she didn't make it," the doctor spoke with regret.

"What?" the woman got out; her voice barely being a whisper.

The doctor sighed, "Gayle, I'm so sorry. I hate this part of the job. We tried everything we could. But, Raleigh's body just couldn't be saved. The Arsenic had already made it's decent to her heart; and well- she passed away twenty minutes ago," he spoke, bowing his head in defeat.

The woman covered her mouth with her hand, "No. Please. No," she begged; pleading for this all to be a bad dream.

The doctor shook his head sorrowfully, "I'm sorry."

The young lady felt anger rise up within her, "I won't believe it! I won't fucking believe it!" she cursed; taking off with a great speed; pushing her way past the people in the lobby; bursting into the double doors; rushing to where her daughter's body lay.

She gasped; hearing the slow, drawn out beep of the heart monitor; gazing down with tears in her eyes.

"Raleigh, no. No. Please, please wake up, darling," she cried, shaking the lifeless corpse on the bed; a thud of it hitting the bed like a rag doll, her only response.

The woman, now called 'Gayle' gasped; letting out a tearful sob to the room; feeling herself collapse onto her only child. The daughter that she had waited so long for; and lost as the result of poison.

She felt her world shatter; as her once-warm heart turned to ice; letting out an anguished scream to the night sky; vowing that she would never love again.

The world would feel her pain; her anguish; her sorrow.

No longer would she walk in the light; but, embrace, and become one with the darkness that now resided in her soul. She would forever bask in the ice that now lingered in her heart; and the anger that haunted her mind.

She would no longer love; but, use, and manipulate to get what she wanted.

Raleigh was dead. Her pride and joy had been taken from beneath her. And she didn't care anymore.

Gayle was no longer the happy, bright spirit that she always had been; but, now a dark, lonely ghost. A ghost with anger. A ghost that would make a promise laced with the very evil that she had become.

She would use her powers to spread hatred and horror into the world. Into those that had what had been taken; and to put her skills to work, into using people for material things.

Why not?

She would avenge her daughter's death; and the world would suffer for it.

'They will pay. On your life, Raleigh; the world will suffer.'

-Present Day-

Gayle shivered; rubbing her sides just a bit to warm up.

She was alone now. She had been for the past seven years.

Alone to wander this earth with hatred; with fire in her eyes; and with an evil that only the heart of a demon could produce.

Gayle stood up; deciding that she probably should head back. It was getting dark; and no doubt that she would be forced to deal with whatever creeps and weirdoes came out in this part of the city at night, if she held off leaving any longer.

The dark ghost decided to pursue one last thing before she left; reaching into her pocket, and pulling out a single, pink rose.

A red ribbon was wrapped around the bottom thorns, as the word: 'Forever' was engraved in gold upon it.

Gayle brought her form down; kneeling onto the snowy landscape, as she brought her gaze to the cold, gray stone, which held the body of her only child; sighing lightly.

"I hope you're doing well up there. I miss you, Raleigh," she spoke; stroking the soft, silken petals of the flower as she continued, "Darling; I need to go away for awhile, ok? I can't stay here. There are too many memories.

I'll be back to visit, I promise. It's just that- I have to move on from this state. When you died; you took my light, and my heart with you. You took- me with you.

I will come back, darling; and I promise- the world will pay for your death. I will avenge you, I swear on my life. Just know that whatever happens to me; whatever road I choose to take- that the woman I once was; is with you now. Up there in God's blue skies.

Be well, my darling; and know that I love you: forever," she spoke; placing the rose upon the cold stone; watching the snowflakes delicately perch upon it's petals; seeming to take to it like a destined home.

Gayle returned to her standing position; brushing off her trench coat; and walked off to her car, without looking back.

It was then that she felt her soul turn to sheer ice; and her heart to fade from red, to the darkest of onyx.

As she started the engine of her Concorde; Gayle thought back to the times that once were- and would never be again. The times when she was happy: now a distant memory. Existing only in her mind.

She smiled evilly; letting the 'demon' within her take over; reciting her vow to the interior yet again:

"They all…will pay," she spoke with vengeance; taking off into the approaching sunset; nothing but a trail of smoke; a few footsteps; and a single, pink rose in her wake:

The sign of who she once was…and who she would never be again.

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