Our Union Mended

Broken steps on the stair

Hear your voice on the tainted air

Would you wonder, or have a care

If you saw me standing there

Cause I haven't changed

And I have repented

Now I'm working my way

Towards our union mended

Scattered thoughts

And broken dreams

String their cobwebs

Upon the seams

For tonight I sit alone


Drifting in dream

Awakened by the phone

No answer


Nothing to bring you running back to me

Just forget it

Trying too

Moving on

Scribbling lyrics

Of a favorite song

At once my heart beats faster

Here comes the ultimate disaster

For once again I am alone

Forgotten one day…..

Wishing I was stoned

Two more weeks

Spent wishing things were different

You're still with her and not with me

Cannot change that fact

Not even so much as a whispered plea

For that would not do

I could not bear to tear her from you

Just for me