My life?

My Soul?


You could say it was mine once

You could also say that we live in a world without violence

You could just say,

There are a lot of things you could just say


That's just it

You are just saying them

You don't mean them

And don't you fucking tell me that you mean them

I know that you don't

So don't even try


They are just words

Words that caused me so much fucking hurt

Why do you still do this to me

Tell me!

I must know

But wait

All they are…

They are just words

They are just hurt

There is no way in fucking hell that I can actually know

That you are not

Just telling me words

There is no way that I can tell

That you are just giving me lies

No way

No How

Is there a way

That you could be telling the truth


I won't listen to it

It hurts too much




I am sorry to have to do this

But all I hear is words

I still don't hear it

I still don't hear that truth you should be uttering



I guess your right

These are only words too…

So then tell me

Why do they hurt?