For weeks I have needed a chick flick on the side story to get me a little away from Bellam High so I wasn't obsessed with it. Now is the start of a no plot story called, "Super Sisters" told through tale of three girls (sisters) I am making up off the top of my head.

Super Sisters

Three sisters, the oldest 10, the middle 8, and the youngest 6, were all sitting in circle around a camp fire in the middle of July in 1993, ten years ago.

"Let's make us blood sisters," the oldest child, Elizabeth 'Beth' said.

"We already are!" The middle child, Camille whispered.

"Let's do it again!" Six year old Larissa Tate whispered back, excited to be included among the older ones.

"Okay… okay… Let's not do blood. It would hurt La (Larissa) more than the rest of us, Millie; we have to keep level heads," Beth talked back to her two sisters.

The fire made each of their faces glow. Beth was the brunette taking her long thick curly hair and brown eyes from her father. She was tall like him, and was too young to tell anything else.

Larissa (Or La as Beth calls her) was so little but her hair was red. It was a dark red and would be curly like her fathers but she was so small. She had startling silver eyes. She looked skinny.

Millie one the other hand was a mix between the two with straight reddish brown hair and blue eyes. Millie was beautiful.

The three sisters joined hands and whispered over the fire, "Super Sisters!" Their voices echoing in the wilderness.