Chapter 1

Catrisha walked behind the group gracefully, but she was sure not to walk too close because they were pure and she was not.

The group she followed was considered the purest of all humans and living creatures. At least that was what they were trying to make everyone think.

All three had soft silver hair, blue eyes, and a perfect body. They did look like the perfect human. Their formal clothes were silver and gold, which matched their hair perfectly. Two males and one female. Out of the three Lance was considered superior to the other two who were equal.

Lance had the perfect body. He wasn't overly muscular, but he wasn't puny either. His hair was long and never looked tangled. It was always pulled back in a low ponytail. He was a warrior and a perfect gentleman in one.

Hao was slightly more muscular than Lance but for some reason could never win a dual against him. His hair was short and combed all of the time. He too was a perfect warrior but was too stuck-up for his own good.

Ataret was fit but wasn't very muscular looking. Her hair was extraordinarily long and she always had it in a Roman style. Despite her formal and lady-like look, she was just as good at fighting as Hao. And of course she too was stuck-up.

Catrisha had brown hair that went down to the bottom of her back. Her eyes were a gorgeous blue color. The clothes she wore were common office-worker clothes. She was the group's secretary, despite being the age of 19.

A woman named Nicole was the actual leader of the group. She was far from 'perfect' as the group was. Her hair was a strawberry-blond color, her eyes were brown, and she wore similar clothes to Catrisha's. But she had complete authority of the group and Catrisha. No one knew how she was able to control them so easily but they did not question her authority.

Nicole stopped suddenly. The group stopped also. Catrisha stopped with a jolt.

"I expect all of you to be on your best behavior." Nicole said sternly, giving Catrisha a warning glare. The sentence was obviously been directed towards Catrisha.

Then Nicole led the group into a meeting room. Nicole was desperately trying to convince the world that these three people were perfect beyond compare. It was a racist idea, a disgusting one that no one should consider.

Catrisha was not aloud to enter the room. Her orders were to stand outside the doors and patiently wait with the guards. But despite the thickness of the doors, Catrisha could her Nicole explaining why the three were perfect.

"They have the perfect manners, ideals, skills, and looks" Nicole was saying.

"Hitler." Catrisha coughed mockingly.

The guards laughed.

"So I'm guessing that you don't agree with Ms. Nicole's ideals." One of the guards said to Catrisha.

"No. I think it's an idiotic ideal. And I don't know why these people are even giving her a chance to explain why she thinks the way she does." Catrisha replied calmly. Her voice was as smooth as silk.

"I agree." The second guard said. "It's very racist. But if you don't agree with her ideals then why do you work for her?"

"Because she is—a close friend of my mother's and I was born and raised in her household. And I've basically gotten used to her babbling."

"You have my pity. I would rather live on the streets then in the same 100 miles of that poor excuse of a woman."

"Lot's of people have said the same thing."

They did not talk for the rest of the meeting. And Catrisha left quietly with the group when the meeting was over.