Chapter 2

Nicole didn't even bother to tell Catrisha what had happened at the meeting. She simply handed her the papers that had the details of the meeting typed upon them. Catrisha had to have these filled out by the end of the next day. Politely, as always, Catrisha accepted the papers without complaint.

After Nicole and the group left Catrisha to go to their hotel suite, Catrisha went out to a quiet café and went over the papers. She pulled her laptop out of her brief case and typed out her essay. When she left the café, she still wasn't quite finished with the essay but she could easily finish it the next day. Right now she just wanted to lie on the couch, in her flannel pajamas and watch TV.

Catrisha went to the hotel, into the elevator, and to the room that Nicole had assigned to her. It was a floor below the suite and it was actually a decent room.

But when Catrisha reached her room, there was a beautiful white rose lying on the floor in front of her door. It was carefully wrapped in white and clear plastic with a silver bow tying it together. There wasn't a message or anything saying who it was from but she knew exactly who sent it.

She carelessly grabbed the rose, slammed the door open, and whipped the rose in the garbage can. How dare he do this to her! Irate, she threw herself upon the bed and thought about the blurry memories that used to bring her joy. Traitor.

A/N: Sorry, this one is a bit short but I thought that this would be a good place to leave off. And I purposely left out information about Catrisha's past because it made it a bit more dramatic. But I guarantee that things will make more sense in upcoming chapters… that is if I don't give up on this story.