Summary: Lily meets a cute guy, but he's not who he says he is and when she finds out the truth, their love becomes simply impossible. The whole world is against them. Will their love survive?

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Lily's eyes were adjusting to the darkness surrounding her. The loud music didn't get through to her and all she did was watch the figures around her dance and have fun. She leaned against the wall and searched for her friend Cindy, but she was nowhere to be found. Lily guessed she was probably somewhere in a dark corner doing things with Steven she didn't even want to think about. Lily sighed. She wasn't in the mood tonight. She didn't feel like dancing or laughing...or having fun. Her eyes found the door that would lead her outside. She knew she couldn't leave Cindy alone, but it wouldn't hurt if she would just go outside for some fresh air for a moment. She started to make her way through the crowd.

"Excuse me."

A few people gave her an annoyed look that Lily tried to ignore. She suddenly felt locked up and was glad when she finally reached the door. She went outside and was greeted by the light of the moon. She checked her watch and saw it was almost eleven. They had to be home by midnight, which meant she had to find a way to spend at least another 45 minutes all by herself. She sat down on a bench and was surprised the streets were this empty. There was no one to be seen. She didn't mind though. She stared up at the sky and hoped she would see a shooting star. She had never seen a shooting star in her life, although she desperately wanted to. So she could make a wish that would change her life. Her boring, basically non-existent life. There were no shooting stars to be seen though, and that honestly didn't surprise her. She turned around when she heard the door behind her. Maybe it was Cindy who wanted to go home early...which wasn't likely, but maybe Cindy would surprise her. It wasn't Cindy though. It was guy. A tall, dark, incredibly handsome guy. Lily turned away. He was way out of her league. Plus, he was older. She was able to see that, even from this distance. She stared down at her feet and shivered. It was summer, but the nights were cold and Lily regretted not taking her coat with her. She left it at home, considering it was still pretty hot when they had left the house.

"It's getting cold, isn't it?" A voice came from behind her and Lily knew it belonged to the guy.

She didn't turn around when she answered him.

"Yeah. I left my coat at home...Not the smartest thing to do."

She heard his footsteps come her way and before she knew it, he was standing next to her.

"Do you mind if I sit down?"

She looked up and came to the realization the guy was even more handsome than he had seemed from a distance. And older. Probably in his early twenties. She was turning 17 in a few months, so he was definitely older.

"No, of course not." She answered him and he sat down next to her.

"You're not enjoying the party either?" He asked her.

"I'm not in the mood. My friend is though and since I can't leave without her..."

"You're stuck here." He finished her sentence.

She nodded.

"What about you?" she asked him.

He stared at her for a second before answering.

"Kind of the same thing..."

Lily found that hard to believe. This was a school party to celebrate the beginning of the school year that was starting on Monday and he certainly didn't look like someone who went to school with her. But then again, maybe he was someone's date or came with a friend, so she decided not to ask any further.

"So you go to Lakefield High?" he asked her.

Apparently he wasn't afraid to ask any further. Instead of answering him, she just nodded.


"Junior" she told him.

He nodded.

They sat in silence for a little while. It wasn't an awkward silence though. Somehow this guy didn't make her feel uncomfortable at all. There was just something about him that seemed familiar. She couldn't really explain it though. Before she could stop herself she asked him:

"Have you ever seen a shooting star?"

He gave her a surprised look.

"Where does that come from suddenly?" he asked her.

She shrugged.

"It's just a question."

Lily stared at him from the corner of her eye and she thought she saw him smile. He stared ahead of him when he answered the question.

"No. I don't think I've ever seen a shooting star."

"Me neither. I'm starting to think it's a myth."

This got his attention and he looked at her again. Lily stared into his dark brown eyes and she realized he really was interested in what she had to say. That was new. She wasn't used to that. She was used to telling people stories about things that were on her mind, knowing the other person wasn't really listening or not really interested anyway. It was the story of her life. And here she was talking about something as stupid as a shooting star and somehow this guy was interested in what she said.

"Why would you think it's a myth?"

"I don't know. It's just that I've been wanting to see one ever since I was a little girl and I look for one basically every night, but up until this day, I've never seen one...and neither have you, so...I was thinking maybe shooting stars are just a myth. An excuse for people to stare at the sky."

"Why do you so desperately wanna see a shooting star?" he asked her.

"To make a wish." She blurted.

"What kind of wish?"

"The kind of wish I'm not going to tell you about, because you're a complete stranger and I don't know you and if I tell you the wish will never come true."

He laughed silently.

"All valid points." He told her.

She smiled a little. She shivered again and wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to keep herself warm. The guy noticed. Before Lily could stop him, he got up, took off his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. She stared at him. She wasn't sure what to say to him.

"Don't worry about it. I can handle the cold." He assured her.

She decided not to argue with him. He sat down again and Lily turned to him.

"Since you're loaning me your jacket and all, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Lily."


"Ryan. That's a nice name."

Ryan smiled.

"Thanks. Lily isn't so bad either."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Lily said.

"Please do. It was supposed to be."

She laughed a little.

"So...are you here with your girlfriend?" she asked him, deciding they had reached the point now where she could ask him things like that.

"What makes you think I have a girlfriend?"

"Nothing...It's just...you seem older than most kids here, so...I figured you don't go to Lakefield High, so I tried to link those things together and this is one of the theories I came up with."

"You came up with theories in the few minutes we've been sitting here?"

"I only came up with two." Lily confessed.

"What's the other one?"

"That you came here with a friend."

Ryan nodded.

"And? Are my theories any good?" She asked.

"Yeah. It's the last one actually. I came with a friend."

"You probably regret that now, huh? Since the party isn't exactly party-like and you're sitting outside on a bench in the cold without a jacket, because a crazy girl took it from you."

"I voluntarily gave up my jacket, so that last part isn't right...and I don't think you're a crazy girl either."

"That's because you don't know me and you haven't seen my true colors yet." She told him.

"That may be...but I think you're pretty nice company."

"Right back at ya."

They smiled and continued sitting in silence. Ryan broke the silence after a few minutes.

"I should probably get back inside."

Lily nodded.

"Yeah, me too...but I don't want to."

Before Ryan could respond to that, the door opened again and Cindy came storming out. She saw Lily on the bench and immediately walked up to them.

"You'll never believe what Steven just did! He's such a bastard."

"I believe you." Lily said. She wasn't a big fan of Cindy's boyfriend Steven.

"We're going home right now!" Cindy announced.

"Best news I've had all day." Lily murmured, only for Ryan to hear. He smiled.

Lily got up and handed Ryan his jacket again.

"Thanks for loaning me your jacket."

"You're very welcome." Ryan told her as he took the jacket and gave her one of his irresistible smiles that made Lily weak in the knees, although she tried to ignore it.

"Lil...aren't you gonna introduce me to your...friend?" Cindy asked.

"I thought you wanted to go home? Right now."

"I do...after you've introduced me."

Lily shook her head. Cindy was like this. She was totally boy-crazy and always hooked up with every cute guy she saw. She always ended up with Steve though. Those two had an on/off relationship that had been going on for two years now.

"Okay...well...Cindy, this is Ryan. Ryan this is Cindy."

Ryan and Cindy shook hands.

"Nice to meet you, Cindy."

"Same here."

"Well...I think we have to go now." Lily apologized to Ryan.

Ryan wanted to say something, but Cindy took her chance.

"Oh God, I'm such an idiot...I should give you two some time to say goodbye! I'll wait in the car, okay Lil?" Cindy asked her best friend.

"You don't have to...." Lily started, but Cindy was already walking away.

"I'll see you in a few minutes! And behave!" Cindy yelled.

Lily sighed and closed her eyes. This was emberrassing.

"I am so sorry." She said, but when she saw the amused look in Ryan's eyes, she knew he didn't mind.

"Don't worry about it. She seems nice."

"She is...most of the time anyway."

Ryan nodded and got up. Now Lily really noticed how tall he was.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Lily."

"Yeah...same here." She said, while her eyes examined his face. Their eyes met and they locked eyes for only a second. He had beautiful eyes. Her eyes lowered to his perfect nose, down to his lips. His very kissable lips. She quickly erased that thought out of her mind. She shouldn't think like that. She didn't even know him. Her eyes noticed a little scar on his right cheek that she probably never would noticed if she hadn't examined his face like this. Then she brought her eyes back up to his.

"Maybe I'll see you around." He said.

"You probably will. It's a small town."

"That would be nice."

"Yeah, it would be."

Then she turned around and walked away. She felt his eyes on her back. She didn't mind. She didn't mind at all...


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