Libra 279

By: Kouner


A young girl sits in the waiting room. People surround her, whispering as she cries. Yet...she is so alone. Not seeing her mother who is hugging her, telling her it is ok. He had just been saying they would grow old together. How could he lie like this?

The nurse, paced up and down the waiting room. Like a animal pacing in it's cage. The girl did not notice. All alone she was, and would remain that way.

The doctor walked into the room. Eyes locked on the ground. She knew what happened with out words. She began to cry even harder. He was gone, now and forever.

"Don't worry dear. We'll be married, and grow old together. I won't let anything happen to me for as long as I can prevent it."

Those were his last words.

"Faster!" yelled the father. "I can't let this man die!"

"Sir!" cried a nurse assisting him. "He is still alive?! How can you do this? This is the man your daughter loves!"

The father chuckled and continued to rush the man to his lab. He had signed the papers if an incident like this occurred. The body was rightfully to be used for science now. For the future protection of the world. The body was no good anyway. All needed was the brain.

"I can't let him die!"

The year, 2435. The place, somewhere in the Earth section of the galaxy "Milky Way" Galaxy. A scientific base where the great ship Libra 279 was held. The ship with a human brain that controlled it. Only the greatest warriors could use this ship. To save the world.

"Have you heard the story of this ship?" asked a young female who worked at the base.

"Yes," answered a male to her elder. The man had worked at the base all of his life. Or as far back as her could remember.

"What is it?"

"The story is of the scientist who made the ship. His daughter, Skew, was to marry a young American man, Quinn. Quinn had come over to Japan to work with the father. The father was very found of him, till her started dating his favorite daughter. The father thought it wouldn't last. But it did."

"What happened?"

"The two were to be married. This ticked off the father, so he had the boy sign over his body to science. He promised him eternal life. The boy didn't like the idea at first. But went along with it. He told the daughter about what he had done, and she was greatly upset. He promised her that they would grow old together. They kissed and as soon as he pulled out he was shot in the back."

"Oh my..."

"Many say that the father hired the men to shoot him. I believe it. As much as he hated him. So he gave him eternal life all right. As a ship."

The girl looked out at the docking bay where Libra 279 was held. "So the stories are true.."

"Very much so. Any story you hear about this place that you think could never be true, usually is."

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