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Libra 279 .

Chapter 11

For the next few weeks tension grew all over the ship. Claire was getting pissed off that Audie would never come and see her. Maybe every once in a while, but not the amount of time that Claire wanted. Julie and the others understood though. Audie had to stay with Libra and decide if she wanted to stay here with him, or leave.
As far as Audie could see now, she never wanted to leave. Libra was just so perfect. Attractive, sweet, caring. Oh, how caring he was. All he wanted was Audie to be safe and happy. Preferably with him, but she knew if she chose to leave, he wouldn't argue. He might not be happy, but he wouldn't argue.
Leo had come up to the main floor with Pisces that day a few weeks ago. He didn't seem too happy on the decision to make him return. Libra and him had many conversations which apparently something calmed Leo down on the choice to return.
Leo's situation almost reminded Audie of her own. The fact that he had been gone for so long, and had no idea what was going on above him. Then, returning after so long, and being left in the dark. Their journeys were so similar, and they were both created by their own choice.
Audie and Libra didn't have much time alone together. Pisces made sure of that. Audie knew that Pisces cared for Libra a lot. One could say she might love him. No one could love him though, not like Audie could...
That was the main question in her head now. Did she really love him? She had in the past, had she not? It seemed like she had, especially the way that Libra greeted her when they first met. Every time he touched her, she couldn't help but want him to touch her more. Especially his kiss...
Hey, not many people can say they have fallen in love with the same person twice! There was one problem though. Kakeru should be arriving back to the main floor soon. He was her fiancée...even if she didn't love him.
Audie was sitting on the couch in the control room in between Libra, on her left, and Sagittarius, on her right. Pisces was off doing who knows what. Clearly, Audie could care less what she was doing. Her eyes were focused on the ring which signified her relationship with Kakeru. Her future marriage with him. Slowly, she was twirling the ring about with her index finger and her thumb of the other hand.
Sagittarius looked over at Audie, to see what she was up to. "Audie, what are you doing?" asked Sagittarius.
Her question sparked Libra's attention and he looked over at Audie. His arm was around her shoulders, and she was leaning against him barely. Audie liked being close to him like this, but she still belonged to someone else unwillingly. Before She came to this ship, if anyone asked her about how she felt about Kakeru, she would have said it was a perfect match. How she was so happy he was the man she was suppose to marry.
"What's wrong Audie?" asked Libra. She decided that she should probably say something now. Even Libra was asking her if there was something wrong.
"It's just," began Audie, "I think I know what I want now, finally, and Kakeru and Sasu are coming back."
"What's wrong with that?" asked Sagittarius.
Audie laughed a bit, still playing with the little silver ring with the red stone. "He is my fiancée."
Libra sighed heavily and looked away from Audie. Back over to the wall Audie wasn't exactly sure what he was looking at. If he was looking at anything at all.
Audie didn't want Libra to be hurt by her words. It was bad enough that Audie had to go through the pain. She turned more toward Libra, and put her right arm across his stomach. Laying her head on the shoulder of his arm that was across her shoulders still. She looked up at him, to find him looking down at her.
"Libra, I don't want to marry him. I have finally decided what I want," whispered Audie.
Libra asked, "What do you want Audie?"
She smiled and brought her face closer to his. "I want to stay here with you. No matter what happens..."
For the first time she had been there, Audie kissed Libra. Brushing her lips against his, and parting them slightly. She closed her eyes, and deepened the kiss. Libra lowered his arm from her shoulders, to around her waist. Drawing her closer to him, to deepen the kiss as well. The kiss became more intense, and more urgent...
Suddenly Sagittarius cleared her throat, breaking the two from their deep kiss. They both looked over at her in shock.
Sagittarius sighed, "Ok, you two need to address the problems you know? First off, you have Kakeru who IS Audie's fiancée. Second, you have Claire."
"Can't we address them later?" begged Audie.
"We can't do anything about Kakeru until he makes it back though," said Libra.
"Well, you can figure out what you are going to say to him first then. Audie, just pretend that Libra is Kakeru, and tell him that you don't want to marry him any more."
Audie looked back at Libra, and then back at Sagittarius. "I can't do it!"
"You didn't even try!"
"But if I said that to him, it would be a lie."
Libra tighten his grip around Audie's waist and pulled her closer to him. He rested his chin on her left shoulder and looked at her. "You want to marry me?" he asked.
Audie blushed a bit, but before she could answer, Sagittarius interrupted.
"You two have suddenly become so lovey dovey! Before, Audie, you would give anything to leave, and now you don't care?!"
"Well...not really."
Libra smiled and kissed Audie's cheek. Making her blush once more. He was glad that she had finally chosen to stay with him. Her life before was just a lie any way. The happiest time of her life was on this ship. Sagittarius sighed and shook her head. "You two need to get a room or something."
"We have a room," laughed Audie. "We are just happy where we are."
Sagittarius smiled at them. "I'm glad to finally see that the two of you are happy though. I was getting tired of Libra's complaining about you either not being here, or being here and not remembering. I'll leave you two alone now."
Sagittarius got to her feet and exited the control room. Leaving the two of them alone, Audie sitting in Libra's arms. Audie brought her arms up, and placed them on top of Libra's, and leaned back into him. She smiled and looked up at him.
"We hardly get any time alone together," stated Audie.
His smile grew and bit and lowered his face closer to hers. "I know what you mean. Usually they find a way to keep us apart. Especially Pisces."
Audie laughed at him. That for sure was true.
"Sagittarius is right though, we have to take care of our problems before we try to presue anything," said Libra.
Audie sighed, "Yea, I know what you mean. It's just so confusing...besides, I'm afraid."
Raising his head from Audie's shoulder, Libra looked her dead in the eye. "Afraid? Afraid of what?"
Audie sighed and turned around to face him. "Kakeru is not one to take things lightly. Me telling him that I'm not going to marry him might make him crazy. Trust me, I know him."
Libra shrugged his shoulders, "What are we going to do then?"
"I guess...when he gets here, I'll just tell him it's over. That I'm not going marry him, no matter what he says, or what my mother says. I love someone else."
Another smile quickly swarmed Libra's face. "It's nice to hear you say that."
Audie smiled sweetly in return. "It's the truth."
"Well," Libra said as he got up from the couch. "You better start working on that speech of yours. Kakeru and Sasu will be here tomorrow."
"Tomorrow! Already!"
"Audie, they have been down there for weeks. It's about time for them to make it back up to the main deck."
"Why didn't you tell me before this?"
Libra didn't answer for a while. The room will with a dead silence that would scare even the Reeper himself. Finally, after a along delay, Libra turned to face Audie once more.
"I...was afraid that you would run into his arms, and leave with out the slightest thought."
Before Audie could make any movements, Libra was leaving the room. Her eyes turned to watch him leave.
"I have to go talk with Leo now. Get ready for when they come." She was then left in the solitary silence once more.

The next day was quick to roll around. Audie was get bigger and bigger butterflies in her stomach by the moment. How could it be that she was put in this position? All she wanted was to be happy with Libra. Not having to worry about how Kakeru would react.
Pisces was with Audie while they waited at the stairs exit. Pisces watched over the brown hair girl as she continued to play with the ring. They both knew exactly what the ring was for, and it seemed neither of them liked it.
"Red is so not your color. Why would they give you a red stone?" asked Pisces.
Audie sighed and looked away from the other girl. "I don't know Pi...I never really thought about how it wasn't my color before."
"Listen Audie, I know you don't want to marry this guy. Sagittarius told me that you love Libra."
Audie could feel her face becoming red from the hologram's words. Trying her best to cover it up, Audie continued to play with her ring. Pisces just laughed.
"Oh Audie, you don't have to get so flustered over it! I've known the entire time that I've been here that Libra loves you more than anything else in the universe. Though, that couldn't stop me from having a little crush, now can it?"
With her face turning back to normal, Audie was able to look up at her newly formed friend and smile. "No, you can have a crush on who ever you want Pi, just as long as you don't dare try to take him from me. It won't work."
Pisces laughed once more, "Oh, come on, you know me better than that. Besides, I don't think Libra would let me steal him from you."
Both of the girls laughed until they heard the sounds of sluggish footsteps approaching. With each of the steps, Audie could feel her heart beat heavily in her chest. Butterflies began to stir and twist inside of her stomach. Knowing, that just behind that door was some she had been dreading to see for the last week.
What was she going to do?
Slowly, the door began to creep open. Audie jumped to her feet, and Pisces positioned herself next to Audie. Almost in a fighting stance. As if a hologram could take on a full blooded human.
Audie's heart jumped up into her throat. The footsteps stopped at the door. Slowly, the door creaked open. It was one of the only doors on the ship that you had to manually open.
As it opened, Audie could see the shadows of the two people. All she could do was stare at them. Pisces glanced over at Audie to see a fear stricken face. Her attention was drawn back to the other two. It seemed they hadn't noticed them yet.
Suddenly, Kakeru's head popped up to look straight at Audie. Her face became a ghostly white.
"Audie," his hoarse voice called. All she could bring herself to do was smile. A overjoyed look engulfed his face.
Releasing the door, he ran toward Audie. Once he got to her, he wrapped his arms around her. Holding her tightly. He then buried his head into her shoulder and cried.
"Oh my God Audie...I thought I would never see you again!" he cried. His arms tightened around her, and she just stood there. Stood there hoping that Libra wouldn't get angry with her. She just couldn't hurt him yet.
Sasu appeared from behind Kakeru. There was a relieved look on her face. Over joyed as well. Pisces walked over to Sasu, but Sasu ignored her. Her eyes were locked firmly on Kakeru and Audie.
Kakeru pulled back a little bit so that he could look down at Audie. Their eyes met, and Audie blushed. She had to stop this before it went any farther. But, it was too late.
Before she knew it, his lips fell to hers. Her eyes grew wide as his tongue tried to pry open her lips.
Quickly, she turned her head away. She had to tell him now, before this went any farther.
"What's wrong Audie?" he asked. Audie raised her hands and removed Kakeru's from her waist. Now they were just standing there staring at each other. Pisces was watching as well, to see if Audie was serious.
"Kakeru...I can't...."she began, but he interrupted her.
"I knew this would happen. This damn ship has plagued your brain!"
"That's not true! Libra has only showed me how much he loves and cares for me!"
"And I haven't shown you how much I love and care about you!"
"How so! Gah, is he that great?"
Audie glared up at Kakeru, "I love him."
"You can't love him! You are my fiancee!"
"Your fiancee or not, I loved him long before you were born. Long before your parents were born! Long before your great grand parents were even conceived!"
"Shut up! Audie, he has made your crazy! Do you really think you are that old?"
She took in a deep breath, "I know it."
He grew silent. Everyone just stared at him, waiting for the next move. He let out a heavy sigh. His eyes dropped to the ground.
"Fine...all I ask is that you drop me off at Earth."
"I'll have to talk to Libra about that."
Kakeru growled under his breath. "Fine..."
For the first time since they were back, Pisces jumped into the conversation. "I'll take you to your room."
Kakeru took one more look at Audie. He then turned toward Pisces and sighed again. "Ok, take us please."

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