"The Tyrant King"

Not one word was said
But it happened anyway
Not one thing was done
But they lost it anyway

The tyrant king showed no mercy
But took what he had once given
And all that was truly pure
Became slaves to his overpowering will

One by one they watched
As the tyrant king cast a shadow
He destroyed what they loved
And vanquished the hope in their hearts

Clinging to a will to dominate
Blinded by greed and ignorance
The tyrant king showed no weakness
There was only power to be gained

The slaves of his will watched with horror
All helpless against his evil tyranny
As he grew stronger and stronger
Stealing what remaining strength they had

The tyrant king fed on fear
He consumed them until they were bare
He grew until his reign ended
And his slaves were free again

But alas, what is done is done
History cannot be changed
The slaves of his will were utterly broken
Forever left to silently suffer