In My Heart

Upon my heart, you have stole.
Covered in black velvet.
In the shadows, slowly hid.
Love, loss, never gives.
Why are you leaving?
You said you'd never go.
Now I'm feeling ever so low.
As soon as I saw you…
I knew it was true.
Bestfriends always come through.
I've known you, for what, seemed like forever.
Now you're leaving, forever, but not together.
Like we always planned, and were going to do.
Going to college would have been fun with you.
You're such a good friend.
Always up for a laugh.
Never wanting to leave the chat.
My heads in the shadows.
My feelings are too.
Why do you have to leave?
I know you don't want too.
But I guess you can't stay.
Your parents are taking you away.
But know in my heart is where you'll stay.

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