Original Date: 1-24-2005


Not quite at home
Not quite at one
The home I called India
The one I called love
"I" was too meek of a word
"Love" not strong enough
Shadows of my soul
Balancing left and right
The stillness of mind
In endless balance.

Famous words from a divine book
Make sense of laden leaves even
Giving purpose to every bit of the cosmos
Letting what's evident be emergent through the Vedas
"Doesn't smoke surround fire as does dust a mirror"?
—said Krishna to Arjuna.
A resonating truth in the Gita
The faculties of the body redeem
what had once blinded the soul
A natural illusion is caught;
the strands painfully separated
What is pure: the Brahman merging with the atman!

>>>>>>>>>>>Written while in college (UGA)>>>>>>>>>>>>>