Starry Eyes
By Lady E

Summary: I've found that having a brother is a precious treasure, especially when we're so alike. We spend quite an amount of time together—both of us daydreamers—and concoct the wildest stories.

Silence settles in a blanket
wrapping the two of us
in a world of our own.
You are strangely content,
the absence of excitement
satisfactory for now.

And then I speak,
my voice barely a brush in the air,
with a mystical quality
I've acquired over the years.
It's a game we play,
one I devised and you approved.
You always approve.

"The green of the woods glistens
with the dew of an early morning"
ignites a spark in your eyes.
I am encouraged.
"With the sunrise soars the calls
of distant eagles
and the agate-eyed dragon..."
I giggle at your starry eyes.
But I feel it too,
the magic.

The hours vanishing,
slipping through our fingers
like trickling water,
we revel in the dreams we remember,
we thrill in ancient fantasies,
too quickly immersing ourselves
too quickly jolting awake.

Mom calls through the smoky doorway,
the fire alarm sniffs and screams,
"Dinner!" dashing the pure white clouds
and dragons bearing lovely maidens.
We hurtle back through time and space
to land on our rumps
in the colorless living room.

Then you're up,
pulsing with energy,
at least three miles a minute.
And the age gap widens.

I stay where I am safe,
counting the minutes till I can draw you again
into my harbor.
Maybe next time
your eyes will glow brighter.

Thanks for reading!

January 25, 2005