Red Hot, Blue

Love is the root of all evil.
That's what you said, I never believed.
You can't be right in the head.
For love is the greatest.
Beats all the rest.
When you're in love you feel better then the rest.
People say its hormones messing with your head.
But its unexplained feelings and thoughts,
Running through your head.
You don't believe coz you were once hurt.
That's when you lost all comfort.
I can understand and relate, but this hate,
Not good for the soul, truth be told.
The first cuts the deepest.
Oh yeah, that's definitely the truth.
Before that, it was just innocent little you.
Your heart was crushed the feelings were new.
Your head was ever so confused.
He said he loved you, but that was a lie.
Why would he tell you, and then burn your sky.
It came crashing down, red hot, blue,
Waiting for you to hurt anew.

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