By Lady E

Author's Notes: In our English class, we had to write about a word with "strong, emotional connotations," a word that had changed in meaning or in connotation over the years. I chose "Gallantry," something that is no longer obvious nowadays but hopefully still lives on in the hearts of some.

Galloping on his proud black stallion,
Winning wars and many a medallion,
Saving maidens and capturing hearts,
Defeating tyrants and evil upstarts,

Valiant and brave is Gallantry,
First among heroes, classed among gentry,
Symbol of chivalry in days of old,
Before cynicism ever took hold.

Defining the spirits of kings and knights,
In medieval beauty Gallantry delights,
But with passage of time the spirit dims,
Tossed to the mercy of human whims.

Once far-cried and eminently preferred,
Now among lost lore and seldom heard.

Thanks for reading!
January 27, 2005