As dark as the shadows torn,
Slowly I hear you mourn
For the world and all creation,
For love, loss and damnation.

Lines of hate do taint
With a blade of almighty power
You have slashed my heart
Like the blackest of all flowers.

You broke my heart,
Now watch me as
I fall apart,
As I slit my wrists,
And watch the blood drip.

I remember the days
When you said those words,
How they stung, but freed me
From the grasp only a boyfriend has,
From the love of the truly damned,
From the blood of the truly damned,

Love that was pure,
We could endure all the pain,
Never kissing goodnight,
When you got a fright,
So cold that night,
So alone that night…

So young we were,
Never knowing what truly hurt,
The pain and never ending lies
The love lost and crying eyes,
The pain that truly hurt,
The love that was never worth…

I think of all the times,
When you put me down,
When your words stung,
And I hit the ground.

How easy it was for me,
To stay down, never feeling,
Just reeling in silence…
How easy you make it,
For me to say goodbye…

A/N… Plz R&R, means a lot. Also a big thank you to Keith, helped me out so much with this piece, really appreciate it, couldn't have done it without all your help and support. I love you!!!