No place for me

God threw me out
I'm a Reject Angel
Cause God ain't got a use
For a wingless angel

All the other Angels
Are snobby little jerks
But they gotta right to be
I guess, they made the cut

I'm a loser and failure
No one special
Lost in my own mind,
Confused by all the choices
Held out to on golden platters,
Tempting me into deceit
By those perfect angels
Sent by God

Broken as I fall to earth
Smash me upon the ground so I
Can feel
So I can bleed away my consciousness
Hear my bones crack as the hit the ground
FEEL my humanity die
as my blood spatters across
the pavement

Some Idiots are telling me
not to jump....
I don't know why
I guess they can't see
I'm dead
and I guess they can't
tell how important it is that
I prove to God I can fly......
that I can be
a Perfect Angel,
Never straying from the mold
no different from the rest of the
Angels who tell me to jump
to prove I can fly.......