I Am No King
By Lady E

Author's Notes: Another really short section of something that struck me one day, so I put it down. It didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, but...see what you think.

King: (pacing back and forth) What is going on? What the hell is going on out there?

Steward: Calm down, my lord. There is no need to worry—

King: No need to worry?! How am I to not worry when a whole army is out there, fighting God-knows-who for God-knows-what reason under my name!

Steward: My lord—

King: Preposterous! This is absolutely unheard of. A king, not knowing what his army, his people, are doing! I may as well be a puppet!

Steward: You are not a puppet, my liege. Now if you'll just calm down—

King: Call them back this instant!

Steward: What, the troops? (dumbfounded)

King: (sarcastically) No, the birds. If I have any more control over my own army than over the birds, then they will return immediately.

Steward: (weakly) My lord, they are engaged. It is war.

King: Then I am no king. If my people can take my name to whatever usage they want, under a banner of war no less, without the slightest adherence to my wishes or interests, then I am no king. (throws down crown)

January 20, 2005