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Thanks, People

I know I've been lying

And pushing you away

Yet you continue to come back

Day after day

Unconditionally, and without me begging

Always with love, and understanding

And I don't know if I deserve it

But whether or not I do,

I definitely appreciate it

And I just wanna say ' thank you'

Lately I've been crying

Wiping the tears away

Running away from you

And telling you to come back-

Come back some other day

But you continue to help,

Keep stalking me in school

Making sure I get home okay

And helping me keep my cool

And I just wanna say 'thank you'

I know I've been colder

Icing everyone out

But you come along and thaw me down

Then let me cry it out

You let me be me and respect it

I just wanna say 'Thank you'

I want to thank you

For everything you've done

And I want you all to know

To me you're number one

I can only hope this matters

And means something to you

And I hope you understand-

I'd do it all for you