So Suddenly by writerforever

So suddenly

So strange

Life wakes you up and things change

I haven't done my best in this world

For the past months I've thought I had it all

I had a friend, the best friend I've ever met

But I hurt that person

I got carried away with things

And I stood upon my pedestal

And told everyone their wrong doings and mistakes

In the process I hurt many people

But surprisingly they put up with me

But soon they stopped talking to me

They stopped even noticing my presence

At first I was heartbroken for their rudeness

But then it turned to anger and bitterness

And I grew angry at the one person who had been kind to me

The one person who was such a good friend to me

The one person who had never said an unkind thing to, or about, me

I ignored him in my bitterness and anger towards him

Soon I found myself all alone

Filled with anger and bitterness

I kept to myself

But then in the desert of my shame

So suddenly I was shown something

That it was not my best friend's, nor my other friends, fault

That I was in such a terrible mess

In my shame and heartbrokenness

In my despair and anger

God came by and it was then He showed me who I had become

I finally saw myself and how I had become

I had hurt my best friend

But most of all I had hurt Jesus

In anguish I cried out to God

Pleading and begging for forgiveness

And He forgave me

But now I must face my best friend

And ask for his forgiveness

I am afraid to face him, and the others

But God is holding my hand

And He will lead me through whatever I must face

P.s. It's not a very good poem I know but I just needed to get all of that out and onto paper.