One-Shot A girl, a boy, and something lost.

by Ephemerae

Only those thoughts that cannot be reached…are carried upon a sigh

Darkness swirls around me, tinged with spirals and shimmers of glimmering silver. Slowly the mists roll gently away to reveal two figures.

"I hate you." The silence resounded, but underlying, the words echo through the minds of the two lovers.

"Please… let me explain." The green eyes were pleading with the girl to listen. Her amber eyes hardened into glittering gems, hard and cold.

"No! I've heard enough of your explaining to last me an eternity. She flung the harsh words at him, every sound a blade aiming to draw blood.

"You're being unreasonable! If you would just let me explain…" Those verdant eyes were hardening with anger, but still he pleaded with her.

"You always say that! I trusted you!" She ranted on, oblivious to the resignation creeping into the boy's eyes.

"Fine." He said quietly.

"What?" She turned questioning eyes on him, anger fading, and panic settling in.

"Fine, if you don't want me, fine."

Slowly, both of their hearts began to bleed slowly, the sluggish beat of the girl's heart sped up to a rapid crescendo. He began to slowly walk away, pulling on the read thread that held them together. Every time he took a step was the knife twisting deeper and deeper.

Smiling sadly, he said, "I loved you. I just wish you would just give us a chance."

Slowly, he walked away, from her, from them. They had a chance. She shattered it.