Him, Him, and Even Him

What am I supposed to do?

How am I meant to feel?

I'm lost and all alone in the universe

No love, too many feelings; it's a curse

He's standing right there staring at me

It turns out he's not; its she

Then I see him right there

We talk and laugh and I twirl my hair

No one knows, not even him

When we talk, I pray it's not evident

Nowhere to go and scream my feelings out

Trapped inside, the echoes of my shouts

Bounce off the bars of my mental cage

Writing: my only escape

Music just reminds me of

The crazy dreams; it's all made up

Lies, lies; my mind fools me

Me heart easily falls for such trickery

Your face, his face, even his

Approaches me and gives me a kiss

Instant confusion

It's all and illusion

But the feelings stay

For their words cause delays

The emotions do not depart on time

Instead, they corrupt my rhymes