I've never been to New York city, but this is what I imagine it would be like:

New York City

It was like walking into a costume cupboard,

Lipstick compared to vinyl roses,

And clowns eyes and feet

With indescribable bobbles,

Broadway in a box.

It was like feeling like the most insignificant

Corner of a room,

Only to find

That all the girls in their Marilyn white pleats,

And the boys in their acid wash jeans

Just like you,

Mere dots in a sea ,

Of spectrum.

The lights,

And the wires,

You could see,

The tightrope walker in her twinkle star spandex,

And you could smell the hot grease of the fries,

And the small fries

In their jerseys.

And the cars buzzed by and crept by like beetles,

With their shiny dark coats,

And the sky was full of the breath and hum of

Any city,

There's no city,

Like New York City.