"You are such a whore, Eden." To emphasize his words, he grabbed my hand and shoved it up and back, holding it in place while he continued to voice his opinion.

"I don't even know why I keep you. You don't listen or obey me at all. You do everything wrong. And you want to know what I think? I think you do it on purpose. I'll teach you to listen." He shoved my hand back more before flinging it back, over my shoulder, and stepped back from me. I placed my hand rigidly by my side and let myself hold a blank face.

"Yes, seeing as I am such a screw-up." There are times when my sarcasm comes first; occasional moments when i actually feel like I'm equal to him. these moments are far and few and fleeting.

"Shut up!" I saw it coming before it happened. Him grabbing my shoulders and shoving me back and down at the same time. I ended up falling to my side, catching myself with the side of his dresser, which pressed into my back. I murmered a small groan under my breath, but made my way up.

"Down!" was the only response I got. And when I glared at him with hardened eyes, he made sure to walk over to me and kick me as hard as he could in my right hip.

"I could make you hurt so much more," he said, lowering his eyes to me, "but I'd rather hurt you where it hurts the most." Those final words marked a rough kiss on my lips, and wrists that were bruised by the grip he held.

When he let go, she was still the girl who did everything wrong.