it was like pure sadness. (and heartache)

sitting and staring when there was nothing. feeling so incomplete and searching for the one last piece that would make her happy. (happy? Was it a stretch, or could this really be what she wanted?) so many promises that she had broken. hurting so badly but feeling so numbed.

he had hit her. her bones aching and flesh burning. breaths coming in gasps,and so many bruises (from now and past). and begging him (silently) to stop, please stop.


Frantic. a safety pin scartching at her skin. digging the gold color until she could glimpose blood. again and again.

she stopped. let the calm rush over her like high tide. such a silly girl.

flushed the white porcelain, ran some water, pulled the sleeve of her size XS black hoodie down over the cotton sleeves beneath it. she flashed a glance in the mirror. you're gross, silly silly girl.