Jenna's beautiful, waist-length blonde hair was spread out in a wave around her. A deep crimson stain spread from her stomach. Her blue eyes glazed over in pain, and finally, death.

Standing over her, gun in hand, was her best friend, Sammie. Sammie's long black hair fell limply around her. Sweat trickled down her forehead.

"That's what you deserve, Jenna," Sammie screamed at the corpse. "Don't cry. It's what you deserve, for betraying your friends. We were your family. You turned your back on us for popularity and a hot popular guy. Did you know that Shawn loved you just the way you were? Did you care? No, of course not. Now you and your oh-so-popular boyfriend can be dead together. He's waiting for you. Go, JOIN HIM!"

Sammie continued to scream at the corpse. She screamed until the cops came and took her away. She was still screaming when they put her in a jacket that she couldn't move in and stuck her in a padded room. She kept screaming until her voice gave out.