The little song below does not belong to me, I do not own the copyright of the song, I did not write it. It is from Martina McBride's song "My Valentine" and I thought it fit this story very well so I just wanted to put it here. But I am not trying to steal it in anyway.

My Secret Valentine by writerforever

Dedicated to JessLynn, my secret valentine

If there was no words

No way to speak

I would still hear you

If there were no tears

No way to feel inside

I'd still feel for you

You are all I need

You are my love

My valentine

1 - The Rich Kid

Have you ever met someone that touched your heart in such a way that you didn't quite understand it? Have you ever met someone and when you think of them your heart seems to soar and you feel as if you could fly up into the clear blue sky? I met someone like that.

I was fifteen-years-old, soon to be sixteen, and still very young and naive. I lived with my parents in a large house in Irvine, Kentucky. We were considered the richest family in all of Irvine. My Dad was the head editor of the Citizen Voice & Times Newspaper and my Mom was a famous novelist. As for me, Kevin Morison, well I had never done anything big or famous. I stayed at home mostly because I was home schooled. I had gone to public school for only a short time but I was taunted by the other teens because of me being rich. So my parents thought it best that I not go to public school anymore. They hired me personal tutors to teach me at home and I liked school a lot better that way.

My family and I had lived in Irvine all of our lives and so we knew every family in town. Irvine was a very small southern town but once you stayed there for awhile the town and its people would start to grow on you and you'd come to love the town. Unfortunately my parents found it too small and hoped that someday they could expand the town and turn it into a bigger town. Personally though, I loved the town and I enjoyed going down the streets of Irvine. My two favorite places to go were Dana's Café and the local Library.

Dana's Café was a special place because a lot of the elderly people of Irvine would come and sip on coffee and talk about times past. Since I didn't have any friends I would go to Dana's Café and sit and listen to the elderly people talk for hours. Of course my parents disproved of me associating with the 'lower' citizens but I didn't pay my parents much heed because I found them to be rather snobbish.

Our house which was considered to be a mansion by many of the Irvine residents, was three stories tall with many, many rooms. My Mom made sure it was decorated in the latest styles so it was very glamorous. I had picked out a room on the third floor and a balcony was attached to my room so I could go out and look out across the whole town. My parents stayed on the first floor though. They were always working so I didn't see them much.

One of my closest friends was our butler, Juan Duval. He was in his thirties and had been hired by my Mom to look after the house and me. He was funny and kind and we got along really good. I considered him by best friend.

One day as I was sitting in my room reading a book after I had finished my school lessons, Juan came into the room.

"Hey Kevin, I was talking to Mrs. Lola Goodman, a friend of mine, and she has two daughters who are home schooled. She said that she, along with a bunch of other homeschoolers, are having a home school party tomorrow. Would you like to go?" Juan asked.

"A home school party? That does sound fun but do you really think Mom will let me go?" I asked laying his book down.

"I'll talk to her about it and I'm sure she'll let you go," Juan said.

"Okay then, I'd like to go," I said with a smile.

After Juan had left the room I jumped up and went out onto the balcony. I was excited because I hoped that maybe I would meet some people who were like me at the home school party. I would just leave out the fact that I was rich just in case they might tease me like the kids at public school had done.

Later on that evening Juan came to my room.

"Did you talk to my mom?" I asked as soon as Juan stepped into the room.

"Yes, I did. And she said she would think about the whole thing," Juan said with a sigh.

"We both know what that means. My parents just don't understand how much I need to be around kids my own age. They treat me like such a little child sometimes," I said angrily.

"I'll talk to her some more. Don't give up yet," Juan said with a wink.

"Oh by the way, supper will be ready in a few minutes and your parents want you to come on down to the dining room," Juan said as he turned and left.

I stood up and went down the long stairway to the dining room. A large chandelier lit up the big dining room and when I had been a small boy I had fantasized swinging on the chandelier. I sat down at the oak table across from my parents.

"Hello son, how was your day?" David, my father asked.

"It was fine," I said lowering his eyes.

"Is everything alright dear?" Joanna, his mother asked noticing that I seemed to be upset.

"Mother, why can't I go to the home school party tomorrow? I'd really like to go," I said.

"So that's what the long face is all about. Well Kevin I just think it's best you stay home. We don't even know what kind of people might be at that party," Joanna said.

"Oh Mom! I'm almost sixteen-years-old! Besides Juan will accompany me," I said.

Joanna shook her head and was silent for a moment. Finally with a sigh she spoke.

"Alright you can go. But I want you to be very careful," Joanna said.

"Thanks Mom. Everything will be just fine," I smiled.

Little did I know that my life would be forever changed by that one day at the home school party.

To Be Continued. . .