One Christmas Eve afternoon, a boy and a girl stood under a mistletoe and kissed while someone took a picture of them. The picture brought sadness to Ryan as he looked at it. It was the last time he had seen Marie before the accident. It had been a year, but the pain, shock and grief still remains. After their date that night, Marie drove home. Ryan insisted that she stay until the storm was over, but Marie just shook her head and drove off. As she was making a turn along a steep cliff she was struck from the side. The other car struck her several times before she finally fell off the cliff down onto the beach. She died instantly on contact. The other driver had thought it was someone else and was sentenced to life in prison.

If only she would've stayed… Ryan thought as he stood over Marie's tombstone reading every word that was written on it over and over again. There was nothing in the night sky except for the stars and the clear full moon. Ryan stood there looking at the picture for about an hour before he decided to go. He blew a kiss to the ground before leaving.

The autumn air was cool and crisp and stung his cheeks lightly as he walked quickly to his car. When he got in he sat with his head laid back on the headrest for another five minutes before reaching to put his key into the ignition.

"You're still here?" Ryan jumped at the sound of the sweet, familiar voice. He turned to look straight into Marie's eyes. She was sitting on the passenger's seat and looked extremely pretty in the moonlight.

"Hey there," she smiled, "it's just me." She frowned a bit "Are you ok? Say something."

But Ryan couldn't, he was gaping at the sight of her. He closed his eyes and shook his head and looked again at the passenger's seat, but there more than ever, was Marie dressed in a white laced dress with dirty blond hair, and soft pink cheeks. Her smile lit her face as it always did before she…

"You should go home and get some rest, don't stay here. It's so… sad" she said after a while.

Clearing his throat, Ryan finally said, "I miss you." He reached out to touch her cheek. He shook when he felt her warm flesh. She smiled.

"I'm here." She stared at him and looked down. "I wish I'd stay. I love you." Marie then leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth lightly before disappearing almost like a puff of smoke.

Ryan blinked a few times before looking at the empty seat next to him. He had only been hallucinating, he thought… but how could he explain Marie signature scent lingering in his car…? He turned the ignition on and drove home. After turning into the driveway he turned off the engine and started to gather the things he brought with him. He picked up an empty thermos and the picture. He headed out the car door and started to go up the walkway when something caught his eye from the passenger side of the car. Thinking that he left something in the car, he slowly headed for the car.

He stared through the window and saw a white gift box on the seat with gold ribbons. He opened the passenger door and there next the box laid a plastic halo as well. He picked up the halo and the box, looking at both curiously. He brought it back into his apartment. He settled on the couch and started to unwrap the gift box. Inside was another box. It was velvet dark blue. He opened it and lying on the soft covering of the inside the box was a necklace. The necklace was white gold, with a silver angel pendant; the angel's head was a diamond with a circling silver halo.

Ryan sat with his mouth gaped open for the second time that night; it was what he was planning to give Marie when he propose to her. It wasn't a ring, but Marie always preferred necklaces to rings. Ryan had put it on Marie before she was buried. He lifted it up from the box along with a note attached to it. He opened the note and was surprised to see "I do" written in big bold fancy letters. He got up and went onto the balcony and stared out into the dark sky. He sighed heavily. Looking at the shining stars above, he could've sworn that the star he was looking at winked at him.