This was a short little poem that I wrote in May of 2003. It expresses my feelings towards how American society is treating the gay community. Hope you like it! You can leave a review if you wish!


Shounen-ai is how I want America to be.

When I see shounen-ai, I feel so happy and carefree.

Shounen-ai, to me, is like a breathe of fresh air

Away from all of the suffocated space within an American mind.

My mind is open and free

Where as minds around me are closed and distant.

I want to show them the truth

I want to show them the beauty

I want to show their hearts what their eyes can't see.

Blinded by society and a closed heart

They only see what they are told to see

And feel what they are told to feel.

Open your heart and not your eyes

And see what I see.

Is what you see horrifying or beautiful?

What are you willing to accept?

Do you see what I see? can't see what I see.

You are not me

And I am not you

I can only wish you could see the beauty

The joy

All of the things only an open heart can see.

If you don't understand

That wouldn't surprise me.

For I am surrounded by closed hearts

And eyes half shut by fear.

Shounen-ai is what I want America to be!


I hope you guys got what I was trying to portray. I wasn't trying to say I want America to be gay.......although the thought sounds nice. lol Anyhoo, I just wanted to express how frustrating it is for someone like me who sees beauty in everything to be surrounded by hate and people who're afraid of anything that might be just a bit different than what they're used to. Please open your hearts and minds!