She sighed, pressing her fingertips onto her forehead. She let her eyes close slowly. Rubbing her face, she shook her head and stared at the blank document that faced her on the computer screen.

She growled, with absolutely no idea what to write. She had to come up with something, but she had nothing to say. She let her eyes close again and her head fall, so that her chin was resting on her chest. She sighed again.

She opened her eyes, forcing herself to write something. Anything. She had stayed up all night with friends, and now her own negligence was beginning to catch up with her.

Her hands came to rest on the keyboard, lazy fingers igniting in a stream of typing. She had no idea what she was typing, she just started describing the things around her. She wrote about what she was doing, what she was thinking, anything at all.

She typed for awhile, not keeping track of time. Time, for her, seemed to speed up when she wrote. What would feel to her to be only ten minutes, was really a good hour. She was lost in her own words pouring into the computer through her fingers, which had woken up and were now typing at a rapid speed.

Popping her wrists, she continued to write. She wrote about herself, she wrote about what she was feeling. The fog from her mind cleared and the gears of her brain began turning.

Smiling at the screen, she reread her accomplishment. "Another case of writers block... defeated." She declared triumphantly as she saved and printed the document, ready for the next day.

oOo - Just so you know. I don't get writer's block. Nor do I believe in writer's block. It's a myth. Yes. A myth. - oOo