Stretching the limbs of time, black and red, red like ink,

Interseting you think me! My life read like a book

Mean and remorsless, under fire you find me, me and my lifeless heart

Ink red, able only to dribble harmlessly, the view astounding

Night draws in, credibility given to the moon

Centurys piled upon centurys, lie upon endless lie,

Reach out and fritter away your dreams

Each revolt met with the same aimless desire

Dense and cold are the wastelands of eternity

Isolated, drenched with desire for more,

Beckon,intrude on their hopes,

Laminate bedtime with a thirst for tomorrow

Elite and elevating are the words you wanted to hear

Now entranced, now how do you find me,

The very view that you see, follow your heart, draw on what comes after it

Internally edible like an aura

Ink, read death dribbling fourth like a stream.