Beauty In The Red Dress By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on the Thirtith day of January that I was finally able to discover the location of my prey,for while I was sitting at a New York City bar enjoying a sip or two of my drink,a group of NYU students had walked into the place,sat themselves down and ordered a round of beers to guzzle down.

After they've gotten their beers,a raven-haired beauty wearing a red dress had walked into the bar,looked around the place and let out a smile after she had spotted a NYU student named Woody Danson sitting with his buddies and enjoying his beer.

And after he had looked over at the red-dressed beauty and discovered that she was staring at him wantingly,Woody had gotten out of his seat,excused himself from his buddies and followed the beauty in the red dress out of the bar.

After that,I've paid my bar tab and followed the both of them out of the bar and over to a brownstone residence,where she had placed Woody on the living room sofa,removed her dress and exposed her nude body in front of him.

And after she had placed herself on top of him and kissed him ever so passionately on the lips,she had unbuttoned his shirt,slowly licked her lips and allowed him to gaze deeply into her eyes,just before she sinks her devilish fangs into his throat.

Thankfully for him,she hadn't gotten the chance,for after I've smashed my way in through a window,I've shoved the nightmarish temptress down on the floor,took out one of the many wooden stakes that I've been carrying and drove it right into the she-devil's heart.

And yet,even though another nightmare has ended for one innocent soul,there are still more of those blood-sucking beasts out there,which means that there's still work to be done for Christopher Hopkins,Vampire Hunter.