Chapter 2: Escape And Eimin

Kura was awake for hours, horrified by his attack on one of the Orami. When he did finally sleep, he slept fitfully, strange dreams of shining light, evil power and stones plaguing him. When he heard soft footsteps approach he woke up and huddled as far away from the door as he could get. He found the stone clutched in his right hand firmly. He decided that it was the cause of all his problems and threw it out of the cell; it skidded down the corridor and disappeared.

Soon after two Orami's came and brought him to the questioning room. The Questioning room was the most terrifying room Kura had ever been, filled with scary looking devices.

The Orami tortured the poor boy for hours, Kura's screams echoed throughout the dungeon. He told them everything he knew, how he had found the stone and the bad thoughts that had come shortly after, he begged them for forgiveness. Finally after what seemed like an eternity they dragged him back to his cell where he quickly passed out.

He woke up hours later miserable and in unspeakable pain. The stone once again clutched in his hand. The stone started to glow that strange midnight blue light radiating form it, and slowly the pain in his tortured limbs decreased and he felt better than he had ever felt before.

He heard quiet footsteps in the corridor outside his call, they were so light he could barely believe that he had even heard them.

The door opened with a minimum of squeaking. The cell was filled with a sea of light coming from outside the corridor, and Kura only saw the shape of one of the Orami. "Please," he begged. "I didn't mean to hurt a Great One. I don't even know what I did. I promise I won't ever do it again!" He pushed himself as far back into the corner of the cell as he could go, his small frame shaking violently as he made himself into a ball hoping to disappear.

"Hush." Came a familiar voice. A hand reached out to him, and a comforting arm was placed around his shoulder, "It's alright now, I won't let them hurt you again. He was then gently pulled out of the cell and into the rough-hewn hallway. The Orami who was holding his arm was the nice girl from before.

"My name is Utsukushii. I'm going to get you out of here. Trust me."

Kurayami nodded and followed after the female Orami as she led him through the prison complex. The girl glanced at the stone held tightly in his hand curiously then smiled at him, "So that is why your wounds have disappeared, I was worried I might have had to sneak a healer in here." Kura slowly smiled back, the girl made him feel calm and peaceful. He slowly placed the stone in his pocket, and quickly followed the girl.

They slunk out the back door and flitted through the city, stopping when other Orami approached. Kura's heart was beating quickly and a second slower beat joined it. The feeling came from his pocket where the stone lay. Hesitantly, the boy reached down and touched it. As his flesh met smooth stone all his anxiety melted away. Following Utsukushii was right. She was noble and true, unlike the other… Kura refused to allow the rest of that thought to manifest itself.

It took them two arduous hours to at last gain the massive wall surrounding the city and its immediate environs. By then the two were drenched with sweat and trembling with nerves.

"I'm sorry about what my brothers minions did to you, Enshi wasn't always this way, before he made it onto the council he had a kind heart, and never would have hurt anyone. Here you should tke this we're getting close to the place where I must leave you, there's a change of clothes, such as you would find outside of the city, and enough food to last you a few days."

Utsukushii led Kura to where a large crate was resting against the wall. She pulled it back revealing a small hole. Before she could say anything five Orami spotted them and came rushing over, magic crackling around them. "Go Kurayami! I'll hold them off. Get out of the Dark City! The stone will protect you. Trust in the stone." The girl told him, briefly kissing the top of his head before roughly shoving towards the hole.

Kura was scared. The Orami were fighting one another. One Orami had told him to leave the others were shouting at him to stay. What was he to do? He had to obey the Orami and yet they were giving him conflicting orders. Kurayami reached down and touched the stone again. It cleared his head and made his path clear. He had to leave the city.

The boy turned around and wriggled into the tiny opening, slowly inching his way along. The tunnel was too small for him to even be able to crawl. He was forced to slither forward on his stomach.

Minutes ticked by like hours and Kura felt as if he would never get out of the hole. He heard scraping sounds and quickly realized that some of the Orami were trying to make the hole bigger. Just as panic was beginning to set in, Kura reached the end of the tunnel and slithered out. He rolled onto his back and found himself looking into the eyes of two very upset Orami.

Kurayami opened his mouth to explain when midnight blue light exploded all about him and the two Orami were thrown backwards. Instinct took over and the boy was running for all he was worth away from the city while his mind shrieked to go back and help the Great Ones.

It wasn't long before Kura was forced to slow, breath burning in his chest. He had never run for so long before. The Orami disapproved of running workers, because running workers were liable to trip. You moved at a quick walk, never a run.

Kura made it out of the dark forest that surrounded the city

The boy was forced to squint, as there was light everywhere. Everything was so bright. The plants, the earth, the sky. The sky? The normally black sky had somehow turned blue! How was this possible? Kura turned his head slightly and saw the most horrifying sight yet. There hanging on the middle of the sky was a huge ball of fire. That was all Kurayami saw before he fell into a dead faint.

Something was jabbing him. Maybe he had fallen asleep at the table and one of the others was waking him up. Kura opened his eyes to find that the burning ball of flames had been replaced with a slightly less intense orb of light. Standing over him was a blond man With deep blue eyes dressed all in black. The man looked like an angel, but Kura had a feeling that the man wasn't as nice as he looked. Seeing that he was awake the man said. "Looks like you're alive after all. Pity."

Kura was badly confused for a moment before everything came back to him. He was outside of the Dark City. "Who…Who are you? Where'd the burning ball in the sky go?" he asked the strange man.

"Burning ball in the sky, great I've got a half dead slave on my hands." The man's voice seemed strangely void and emotionless but Kura couldn't help but like the sound, even if the man was crazy.

"I'll give you the half dead part but I'm not a slave!"

The man simply stared at him a few moments before replying, "So you mean to tell me that you happen to enjoy wearing a loincloth in freezing cold weather. Alright you're a delusional half dead slave. Now why don't you be a good little slave boy and give me that stone in your pocket." The last part wasn't stated as a question but as a demand.

"How did you know?" Kura clutched the stone tightly in his hand, he felt as though he should trust the man, but at the same time he knew he couldn't give him the stone.

"You're aura gives away to anyway with the sight."

"You can see auras? You're an Orami then? I'm sorry my Lord but I can't give it up!" Kura quickly scrambled to bow down to bow in front of the strange Orami, whose response was a raised eyebrow.

"Alright I can be an Orami, give me the stone boy, or I'll slit your throat."

"I'm sorry but I can't!"

The stranger lifted a dagger seemingly from out of nowhere and went to strike at Kura. Once again there was a deep midnight blue glow and the dagger was on the ground while the stranger looked at Kura. Kura had the weirdest feeling that the stranger was looking into his soul, and he was no longer certain that the man was an Orami, in fact he once again had one of those random certain feelings that the man wasn't Orami.

"Interesting, the stone protects you," Kura was beginning to believe that the strange man never asked questions, everything he had said so far was stated as a statement or a demand.

"You never answered, who are you?" The man didn't respond instead he just stood up and started walking away.

"Wait don't leave!" Kura knew he couldn't let the stranger leave him, suddenly an idea was placed in his head, "Be my body guard, please."

"I don't guard people I kill them." The offhand way in which the man said it took Kura aback for a second, Once again the man turned to walk away.

"But you can't kill me so you should protect me instead!" Once again a golden eyebrow lifting was his response. "Please, I don't know why but the stone seems to think I should stay with you and that you can protect me."

"A thinking stone and a delusional slave, I'm not the kind of person you should joke around with boy."

"I'm not a slave and you have to believe me!" Kura took the stone out of his pocket and held it in his palm for the man to see. Once again the stone began to glow, and Kura was overcome with the feeling that everything would be alright.

"Fine, but I have rules, you will listen to me and do exactly as I say no matter what." Kura nodded, it sounded semi-reasonable. "You will also do your best not to annoy me if you wish to survive." As Kura nodded once again, the man turned around and began walking away. "Fine, come on then, I'm not slowing down for you."

"Thank you so much, my name is Kurayami but you can call me Kura. You never did say your name?"

"I told you not to annoy me."

"I'm sorry I'm just curious, I didn't mean-"

"It's Eimin, now shut up."

Kura trotted after the strange man, wondering what precisely the stone had gotten him into.