by: trista groulx

What I gave to you was mine to give
I gave it freely just for you
Not in love just in lust

What I gave is yours to keep forever
I gave it up freely that night
No real love to be exchanged

Not thinking only giving
Exactly what I thought we wanted
Never thought of consequence

I gave that piece of me to you
I can never give that to another
Not evento the one I lovenow

It was mine to give that night
I chose you for a reason
Thinking nothing would change

What I gave was mine to give
A gift for you, and you alone
Someone I was once in lust with

A gift like that does change everything
If only I had known what I now know
Maybe then we could now speak

But what I gave is yours forever
Something I cannot take back
And wouldn't even if I could

It was something that Ineeded
From you to make me move
Toward the one I love now

It was mine to give to you
Yours to accept, never forget

Do you think of me at all?
Do you think about that night?
I don't wish to have it back
Just for a different end to our tale

What I gave was mine to give
What I gave was your to keep
No real love to be exchanged
Just a moment of need

It was mine to give, and now yours to keep

a/n: somewhat inspired by "white houses" by venessa carleton, and yes it is what you think it's about ;)