Okay guys, so I decided to waste time by going to Babelfish and translating my prologue of Split Worlds' Nirvana into French and then back. Since French is the language I take in school, I thought this would be perfect for one of my writing projects. However, I wanted to make sure that the French version matched my English version, so I translated it back into English. These are the interesting facts I found about the prologue to SWN when translated to French…

Title: Nirvâna Of The Split Worlds Nirvâna Of The Split Worlds Alright! I got it the first time!

The Weapon Research Facility is located in Ontario.

It seems as though software is quite important in Deviance. As is silicon.

Dantes is the Prime Minister.

Characters occasionally begin their sentences with (a)

The silicon program of could of Juste of catch us easy to draw SA.

Edit number 3. Characters sometimes say (a) in the middle of their sentences. And so does the narrator.

What's the EC?

Ciel's name is Sky, which I think is still cool. Besides, Ciel is Sky in French.

Heck, even the detector's made of silicon!

In response to Sky, Dantes says, "Made of in, that of think you of silicon of logic in fact of of canvasser."

Dantes in his next line says, "Physiques all of wounds of of majority of against immunized are of they soaps of Us." Go Dantes, the PM!

Aicpalastaen is the source of SA, incidentally, it also happens to have the wire allegiance.

As "make-up with cheeks of Dantes of known of organics the superb ones of weapons of much two Years of the collective of only of They Ontario of death". I will not even attempt to comprehend this…

Plague or Demise's name is now Transfer. Haven't determined which one yet.

"Me of on psions of any of of I do not have!" I should have a section dedicated wholly to Dantes' quotes.

Derrick's name is now Excursion

Dantes withdraws uzis of two and agents supports the spine.

Dantes says, "Gone of Sky!" to say "Ciel's gone!" I think.

Ragnals draws a wire gun.

Juste is a common term used by the Deviance characters, isn't it?

Okay, Demise is now Transfer and Plague's still Plague.

Plague also has a gun of wire! I want a gun of wire, or wire gun…whatever you call it!

"farm of Dantes and awkward of worms SA of hall of With functions" Dantes has a farm? SA is worms? Wait, worms may mean viruses…remember this is about software and silicon.

Ragnals tells a wire history back in Aicpalastaen.

"Central processing unit of I have from where of measurement of In large, yes. Of I of silicon of But…" Need I any more proof that this is all about software?

Antithesis points all of the east Of, invincible.

"The square by inch of completion made up of book is of energy of source of wire of why of It is." Oh my. Ragnals is saying that a square made of books is the source of wire?

Ragnals used quite a deal of language to say "Impossible!" "Impossible it is of But!"

What does Octavian mean by Ampèreheure! ?

Damn, they had to make Octavian's last name Ontario?

Okay, then the next narration refers to Octavian as Octavian de Cassius. This guy did not even have one last name in the original!

"sillone" Perhaps I misspelled the English word that translated into silicon?

It is necessary to often say of twice in succession.

In Zaqa'ari, people are running with detergents.

It is not necessary to run from the golden fog in the center of the palace…Um, it's the opposite in the original version if you must know.

Hamaan wears an evening gown.

Kadar is now the Kadar, who also happens to worms.

Hamaan: "The djinn of the steps is not one of the EC." Hmm… now I really want to know what's the EC.

"Kadar, held of expert in software are in the past of where They of distributed of gold of fog of like Juste. Shout positive, and the air of the town of sufficiency of laughing at noise of." First, we learn that Kadar is also an expert in software and in the past, they(Hamaan?) distributed of fog of gold like Juste.

"tornado of one of silicon of as of interior it looks at of par of soufflé." ph34r teh silicon!

Kadar: "Waiting! Quickly of that to run of step of of of I can!" …"I think think I can! I think think I can!"

Hamaan is not slowed down by wire steps.

"It of silicon of Hamaan of assistant of central processing unit sees of has by it of sound not kind of increases thus by him chose the product of the dangerous one." See, I told you this was all about software. Question now is which is the dangerous product?

The dialect of Zaqa'ari must seem strange to foreigners… Kadar: "Are the hell Which you?" In case you're wondering that translates to "Who the Hell are you?"

Pious is now Piles.

Someone's using a wire dagger in the match between Piles, Kadar, and Hamaan.

It knows that them in lame the hands from abroad of intimidation of Published the ceremonious guards of palate. Wow…It's saying either Kadar is lame, intimidated, or published. Whichever suits the reader, I guess.

Check out this short description of Hamaan, along with some of his stage directions: (fright of its free from Hamaan breaks again. The wire cap of undercrust of It, bald person indicating of a tattooed the head of the Deep one put of gold of light of one of in fire of in eyes of Its, and pious as much of of intensity of with rougeoient.) Mm, wire stuff good.

Piles disses Hamaan by calling him a demon of small.

Piles stands chance compound Ontario and all.

HAMAAN: Walls by of will pass from Then! Now if the language wasn't so awkward it might sound cool.

A window falls from one outside of Kadar and Hamaan.

Cye is referred to as The Cye.

The Cye has a lance of SA a (a) It can attack itself with loan of judged.

Hamaan de Cye Marche is introduced, whoever he is.

Kadar's full name seems to be Kadar of Many welcomes of Cye.

Cye has skin of SA plus the light one.

Cye's hair of horse is attached again.

With a push of a button, Cye can retract his lance magpie-long.

Geist has an airship of wire.

So after some careful consideration, I concluded that it was best not to use this as my story for French class. But at least now I know that, should SWN ever be made and then translated for audiences in France, that

(a )the term (a) will be used quite often

(b)The Deviance storyline will deal heavily with software and silicon.

(c)The Variable Earth a.k.a Variable OF the Ground storyline will revolve around even more software experts and lame, intimidated, published guards.

(d)The technology of both Deviance and Variable OF the Ground is based off of wires.

(e)Silicon is a very powerful element.

(f)Most items are made of SA, which also happens to be a skin color.

(g)The real enemy is something called the EC.

(h)Prepare to hear the term "Juste" a lot… Really, a lot.