Images Of You

I'd never say no to you

But this time has got to go

Standing against a wall

The cold against my skin

Looking deep into your eyes

Only my reflection looking back

Refracted light shimmers off your face

I'm left leaning, feeling so out of place

This time won't be like the last

I can at least promise you that

I'll give it a and me....then we'll see

If I can handle you; if you can handle me

Together and still alone

All I've got is this wall of stone

You stare out the window

Wishing for something better

Yet all I have to give is me

And still you do not see

The precious stone that slowly bleeds

Not a diamond, no

Not any kind of precious stone

Just a rock, hard and sublime

If you break me....I'll still survive

Been doing it my whole life

With you it's not gonna be different

I'll just get bored and leave you

As another ghost follows me

Haunting me with images of you.

Copyright 2005CostumeForAGutterball