Need You?

Get out

You don't belong here

It's my mind; get the hell away

Just leave me, please

Back off

Leave me

Stop it


Everyone's saying

I'm in love

They act as if

I'll never move on

These are the same people

Who encouraged me to get over you

What hypocrits!

Damn you, can't you go?

I'm over you

Finally, for the very first time

Someone else is number one

Someone else makes up my dreams

Someone else

Not you

So please, if you have a heart

Leave now before you steal back

My affection

I was weaker before

I clung to each word you said

Then, finally, I shut you out

I locked you out

Of my heart

Am I kidding myself

To think that I could kick you out

Of my dreams?

I want you to leave

I need you to go

I wanna believe

It's all a lie

A sweet, sweet lie

I wanna think

It never existed

My feelings for you

Were artificial


So go right now

Don't make me make you go

I need you

I need you to go

I need you

I need you to leave

I need you?