Magnetic kisses between

lips driven apart.

Polar opposites attract

with an irresistible force.

Red lacquer nails

graze milky skin.

Whispers of daydreams

tattooed on my eyelids,

they greet me every night.

It hurts to smile,

the muscles weak from overuse.

Letters creep across the page

tripping over such petty nuisances

as spelling, punctuation,


Impulsive pointless

futile tears soaked a

threadbare flannel pillow.

While muted light fell across my face

half heartedly dulling

harsh tearstains.

Commercialized superficial holiday

claiming to celebrate love edges closer.

I'll find myself alone again.

There will be no cut out card or drug store

purchased stuffed animal hanging

limp in my arms,

there will be no paper heart

inscribed with my name and

a few meaningless sweet words

lobbed in my direction, or

tucked into my open palm

when my head is turned.

There will be no one.

No one but

the handsome angels

carved in my pliable psyche.