The Money

They get the instruction they need

They get the opportunities they need

All I have is me

Because we don't have the money

Settling for much less

I'm stuck

My musical passion under stress

To be the best

Because to be first horn

You have to be the best

You need to pass the test

You just have to be the best

They have the cash

But do they have the passion?

They have the connections

But do they have the love?

The dedication?

The desire?

The plans?

The dreams?

The pure ambition?

It drives me to be good

It takes me to excellent

And soars me to superior

But come time for college

They'll have had the instruction they need

They'll have had the opportunities they need

To get into my dream school

To live my dream

To steal it away

While I'm at home

Thinking of what college I could go to

Instead of the ones that took them

And rejected me

Because they had the instruction

Because they had the opportunities

Because they had the money