Good girls don't
by: trista groulx

Sometimes that voice comes back,
Telling you what good girls do
Telling what good girls don't
Reminding you that you are a good girl
When all you want is to be bad!
To think those nasty little thoughts!
To do those nasty little deeds!
But good girls they don't…
You want to be a good girl, right?
Because you know what bad girls are
You've called them all the names before
Be a good girl to avoid persecution
With all pure thoughts
With all pure feelings
Sugar and spice and everything nice
None of those horrible messy things!
Good girls don't think like that
Good girls don't feel those things
But bad girls they do that stuff
Those messy little deeds
Those fun little romps they come with a price
They get called those horrible names
They get into bad situations
And remember, you're a good girl
Keep your thoughts clean
Good girls don't do that, you know better
You know not to do, what bad girls do
Cause good girls they just don't
But he says you're so good
When being so bad
It's so good it can't be wrong
But good girls don't
And you're not a bad girl
The thing the good girls do
Behind the closed doors,
Locked and bolted
They will never see
They will never hear
what good girls can do
That bad girls do too
Good girls don't get caught!