My Moonlit Dream

By L. C. Guldbrandsen

So many nights I sat and cried
Too many times I wish I'd died.
And the pain of the knife
Was my complicated life.
My tears -- they fell like rain
All I ever knew was pain.
Joy never lit my days
I wandered around in a haze.

But then you came along
Showed me where I belong.
You taught me how to laugh
I never knew I could have.
Showered me with romance
A once in a lifetime chance.
My dream worth living for
I could never want for more.

My tears you've dried
My love won't be denied.
You're my joy, my light
My magic in the moonlight.
I need you to know
You're my midnight Romeo.
Softly whispered words of love
You're what my dreams are made of.