Maybe I am not the

type of person that people like.

I have my own agenda.

I do what I please.

My toys are normal toys.

No weird fetish things, no handcuffs.

Just a little bubble bath.

It smells like oranges,

or vanilla,

depending on my mood.

I don't understand why people

don't get me.

I am the average Joe.

Nothing too different about me.


A bit OCD…

All I want is to be clean.

It isn't like I want to count all the

hairs on your head,

or like light switches,

or something weird like that.

Just want to break into your house.

Sneak in through the

Bathroom window.

Is that so wrong?

You don't use the tub.

You are too busy, with your

shower at work, shower in the gym,

and shower at the house.

The poor bath tub

stares empty, sitting, waiting, crying,

just wanting to be used like it should.

Filled with bubbles, and water leaking onto

the ground below its porcelain feets.

Light a few candles

around the base,

put on some alanis,

or cherry popping daddies,

or metallica,

or some Winston Marseilles.

The curtains blow in freely,

and I can relax.

With my rubber ducky

in the tub that you have neglected.