When the world was made all sorts of creatures were born. There were creatures that mastered the ocean currents and learnt how to sing through the water, and creatures that clambered onto land in the Beginning and grew limbs and bodies adept at walking the earth. And then there were creatures that saw the sky and wished for wings. First were the reptiles that had lived during the time of the dinosaurs, the pterodactyls. Then came the birds of feathers. But there was also another branch of winged creatures, ones that were in a league of their own. They grew huge and mighty, predators to bring fear in both the sky and on the land. Their necks and tails were long, their legs strong. Their jaws were lined with razor sharp teeth and their eyes and ears were of keen senses. They had wide, flat wings to hold their huge bulks in the sky and finally, long and sharp horns worn on the snout by males for jousting when the Season of Life came. They were the Dragons. When the dinosaurs dominated the land, they hunted the Triceratops and rivalled the Tyrannosaurus Rex. When the Great Meteorite hit the earth and wiped out every single dinosaur the dragons had sensed its approach and burrowed deep into the earth before it was too late. Thus, when the ash and dust from the meteorite cleared and life regained a steady hold they stirred from their dormancy and burst from the earth.

They remembered the smells from before, but these had changed. The whole world had changed and even the beasts and the birds that now roamed it were completely different to the dinosaurs.

They terrified the Sabre-Tooth tigers and preyed on the Mammoth. Once again they ruled the animals, lords of the sky. But then Man evolved. First they were simple-minded cavemen, hardly daunting to the dragons. But as thousands of years passed Man's knowledge grew sharper and they became the dominant creatures below the dragons, eradicating animals like the mammoth from the face of the earth. This took a toll on the numbers of dragons but they held steady, looking to other creatures to feed on.

But although the dragons might sometimes hunt them they worshipped these magnificent creatures that seemed almost as old as the world itself. They built shrines and gave offerings, believing it was good luck to pass beneath a flying dragon's shadow. It was even thought an honour sometimes to be snatched up by one and devoured.

More centuries passed and Man gradually discovered bronze, silver and gold. They had already abandoned their caves thousands of years before and communities dotted the land. Eventually Man stopped worshipping dragons as they thought with greater depth and looked beyond the dragons to the stars that kept the night sky.

As Man's knowledge reached new bounds they began to harness animals to do their bidding, like oxen for ploughing the fields, horse for bearing them long distances and hounds to hunt with them. Though Man craved to harness the power of the dragons, capture them and use them to their advantage it was clear that dragons were meant to be the Untamed forever, never to be controlled by another creature.

One thing that changed, however, was that dragons would attack Man less frequently. This was because man now had weapons that, if used properly, could kill. But the dragons, angered by the sudden decline in numbers as a result of Man's weapons, retaliated and the first war between dragons and Man happened. Eventually the fighting ceased, both sides realising their mistakes. And Man learnt that they could use music to defend themselves from the dragons, played from bone flutes.

Centuries after, Man and dragon still lived in harmony. But then the trees and the grasses whispered a rumour, a secret to the wind. A rumour that ruffled the surfaces of lakes and pools, and whistled in the dragon caves and spread like wildfire beneath the stars at night. For the secret was a strange one. One that spoke of a human and the dragons, a destiny interlocked with loyalty, faith and bravery.

Since Man first saw the dragons in the sky they longed to tame them but were not able. It was almost a great law that decreed Man and dragon should never be together. But this secret now brought by the whispering wind to dragon's ears told of the time when Life was ready to bring together these two kinds that had watched each other from the opposite side since the Beginning. A young human and a dragon who together would sew together the threads, close the gap and bring a greater peace to last for all eternity. Dragons, more intelligent than Man thought them to be, believed in the rumour for they knew that destiny and fate existed. The word spread along the continents until each dragon in the whole world knew of the destined secret. It was also believed that a single dragon would play their part in this, one chosen for the purpose just like the awaited human. Together both their souls would merge into one, love and loyalty blossoming.

As the word spread, many dragons had one question: 'Why?' But then the wiser of the dragons would answer that one of the purposes of life was peace and harmony, and that the millennia's passed had simply been preparation for this one fate. The fate to end all of life's doubts, and its bitterness and ignorance.

Patiently the dragons, which accepted this inevitable destiny, waited for the moment when life revealed the chosen ones while Man still remained oblivious.

And one cold winter's night, the chosen ones were born in the same moment.