Oh my god…

His eyes, I see, as our gaze meets across the room.
Blue, as the deepest ocean, so calm but yet stormy.
His lips so firm but soft, so comforting and very much
So inviting.
His walk, that of a confident young man, with a slight
Hint of fear.
His hands, strong, coarse but caring nonetheless,
Oh how I want to be, Interlocked.
His nose, that of a button, if you will, small cute,
But rugged.
His laugh, so warm, so sweet, that it could lull me off to sleep.
Him, a guy I have never met, but see everyday, a guy I feel,
I could connect with, as there are a lot of things at play.
These thoughts are not good.
Could I do that, honestly could I?

Would I cheat for him?